Weird Items Protecting Our Pets From Outdoor Flying Threats

  • 25/02/2018

This is by no means meant to be any kind of a weird, back-door presentation or promotional post for peculiar pet products. But at the same time, we’re still recognizing there are some really unusual items out there helping to protect our companion animals from airborne threats. Getting rid of outdoor pests and different types of flying predators are completely plausible given a wide variety of interesting props and products available to us.

Here on the Emerald Isle, we take the practice of keeping our pets safe and out of harm’s way, wherever and whenever humanly possible very serious. Even though we’re not exactly located inside of a jungle or other dangerous zone where wildlife is more prevalent, it’s still a concern for our beloved animals when they’re spending time outdoors.

Keeping An Eye Out

These types of looming threats, especially those coming from above, can attack from many different sizes, shapes and forms when it comes to vast forms of flying wildlife. Everything from eagles to hawks, falcons and owls, they all pose a serious problem to our companion animals could become their prey. Especially the tinier or younger pets who can be quickly be whisked away in a heartbeat from a larger flying predator when they’re playing outdoors.

Even larger animals are at risk when it comes to interacting with some of these disease ridden airborne creatures. Everything from their droppings to our pets becoming the predator (rather than the prey) when they’re on the other side of the coin. But when it comes to flying critters, how can we protect our canines or even our cats from this danger?

Check out some of these unusual items that can safely deter flying creatures from encroaching on our canine’s outdoor turf:

●      BALLOONS - Despite their lovely decor at birthday celebrations and other events, many birds find these floating favourites extremely distracting when it comes to their flying time. Before you discard these favours after the day has passed, consider placing them outside to keep birds at bay, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

●      DECOYS - Speaking of decorations, outdoor lawn ornaments like gnomes, deer and flamingoes are popular favourites. But on the other hand, putting out “fake” predatory bird likenesses like owls and eagles are an effective way to fool other, often smaller birds away that are intimidated by these larger, more dangerous predatory pilots. Remember when scarecrows were once used to keep these little black birds from attacking crops? The same concept is utilized here and can be very successful.

●      FLAGS - Another celebratory feature found outside many of our homes are often found flying during the during the holidays. Some of us hang these banners outside year-round. Regardless of the event, the flapping noise and disrupting appearance of these pennants are often enough to keep birds from coming within close proximity of them.

●      MYLAR - These rainbow-esque ribbons are commonly used as accompanying decor at many outdoor events like weddings, backyard barbeques or any other special exterior occasion. While they are adding a bit of bling and sparkle to this space, some of us aren’t aware that birds find these reflective decorations extremely distracting when it comes to their flying, nesting and landing behaviours.

●      REFLECTORS - Speaking of reflective surfaces, birds find mirrors equally as destructive and a constant with their flight plans. We’ve all seen our fair share of birds plastering themselves into windows. While this pane (pardon the pun) is reflective, given a bird in flight, they see this surface as a go-through place rather than an obstacle.

Furthermore, windows found in a corner space are another place where birds envision an ability to fly through and this place where they’re often victims of their fast flight. While birds have excellent vision, often their flight patterns can be easily disrupted and disturbed given a few obstacles. We can use this to our advantage to protect our pets from them nesting, flying and coming around to make our animals uncomfortable and putting them at a potential from being in harm’s way. 

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