Understanding Acute Diarrhea And Its Treatment – A Brief Overview

  • 15/11/2019
Acute-Dog-Diarrhea.jpgAmong many health conditions that dogs suffer from frequently, dog diarrhea is amongst the most common. In some cases, diarrhea is acute, while in many other cases, it can be chronic, and the result of any underlying health condition. Severe diarrhea mostly lasts for not more than a couple of days. However, it may continue to persist in the mild state for a couple of weeks. When the GI or gastrointestinal tract suffers from any imbalance, a response is generated that may result in diarrhea. 

Types of Diarrhea

Dietary indiscretion is amongst the most common reasons why diarrhea occurs in dogs. The dogs put just about anything in their mouth that can lead to an upset stomach and causing an imbalance in the GI tract. Eating from the garbage, stale food, feces, and dirt, can result in such a reaction from the body. Acute diarrhea is also caused due to abrupt changes in diet or as a reaction to antibiotics or medication. Chronic diarrhea is the one that lasts for over two weeks and occurs more frequently, even when the dog’s diet is closely watched and monitored. 

Managing Acute Diarrhea in Dogs

In most cases, dog diarrhea can be treated at home with some care and offering a high-fiber diet. It is essential that the dog owner closely monitors the health of the dog until the diarrhea is completely relieved. One of the best ways to manage your dog’s health during diarrhea is to encourage a lot of water consumption. The amount of water lost during diarrhea causes the dog to get weak and dehydrated. The lost water must be replenished. 

In the case of an acute diet, giving the GI tract some rest for around half a day before offering high fiber foods such as mashed potatoes, boiled chicken, and white rice is essential. To help with faster recovery, you can also consider giving your dog probiotics that would improve the health of its gut. Even if your dog gets relief from diarrhea, continue giving a bland diet such as white rice, boiled chicken, sweet potatoes, and other such high-fiber food for a few days. Avoid any over-the-counter medication unless approved by your vet. 

Diarrhea Symptoms in Dogs

Your dog might be a little weak when suffering from diarrhea. However, other than a bit of weakness, all other characteristics of your dog and his health should be normal. If your dog shows other signs that indicate more significant health issues such as vomiting profusely, blood in stool, lethargy, fever, and loss of appetite, check with your vet at the earliest. 

Checking with the doctor is also recommended if diarrhea continues to persist after around a week. Verifying the hydration level of the dog is recommended frequently to ensure your dog is not dehydrated. You can do it quickly by sliding your fingers over your dog’s gums and see if it’s moist or dry.

Diarrhea Prevention

Diarrhea can be prevented in dogs by restricting access to garbage, or anywhere they can eat litter or human food. The diet of the dog, even if your veterinarian recommends it, must be changed gradually and not overnight. In case your dog is ever administered with antibiotics, follow it up with probiotics. Closely monitor what your dog is having and ensure it doesn’t pick up garbage, soiled food, feces, and other wastage when you take him out for a walk. 

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