Travelling With A Pet? Make Sure You Are Prepared For These 10 Things!

  • 25/01/2020
flying-dog.jpgAre you thinking about bringing your 4-legged friend on a trip?

Whether you are just driving around for a few hours, taking a train to the next town, or flying a plane, traveling with a pet may be more challenging than it looks. This is why you need to consider some important variables before you book that flight or take that anticipated road trip.

1. How Do You Travel With a Pet Safely?

Pets can get lost. Usually, the hullaballoo that surrounds travel may make you lose sight of your pet. This explains why it's important to plant a microchip on your pet for identification. You should also ensure your pet has a tag bearing your name, destination, telephone number, and other relevant information. This way, you can easily be reunited in case of any separation.

For your pet's safety and that of other travelers, you will need to prepare a spacious carrier that it can easily fit into. The carrier should have a "live animal" sticker on all sides and a note bearing your name and contact information. It is equally important to familiarize your pet with the carrier before the travel date to make it more comfortable and settled throughout the journey.

2. What Paperwork Do You Need to Travel With a Pet?

If you are traveling to a different state or country, you will need an up-to-date health certificate dated 10-30 days within the travel date.

Even when not crossing state borders, it is recommended that you have a visit with the vet before any major trip. This way, you can be sure your pet is healthy enough to travel and that vaccinations are up to date.

Different states or countries may have different health requirements for pets. To help you sort this out, you can contact your country's foreign office.

3. Should You Drug Your Pet Before Flying?

Wouldn't it be great if you could sedate your little (or not so little) creature and let them drowse off until you reach your destination? Of course, it would, if it weren't for the repercussions that might ensue - usually at the expense of your beloved pet.

Drugging your pet is not recommended because it may increase the risk of respiratory and heart problems caused by atmospheric pressure and changing altitudes. If you are transporting your pet in a carrier, its balance may also be affected by sedatives.

Check with your vet how to best relax your pet and make it feel comfortable if you suspect it may become anxious, scared or extremely excited mid-flight

4. How Can You Make Your Pet Comfortable on the Plane?

After you have booked and paid for your pet's travel expenses, you must be wondering; what next? First, you need to:

Buy a standard shipping carrier.

The carrier should be spacious enough to allow your pet to stand, turn, and sit comfortably. It should also be lined with soft bedding material to caution against accidents.

5. Choose the Cabin for your pet

Though uncommon, there have been cases of pets getting lost or even dying in the cargo hold. This points to why you need to insist on flying with your pet in the Cabin if it fits the size requirements (fits under a seat while inside its carrier).

You might need to make a reservation earlier because airlines allocate very few slots to pets. However, if you want an environment that is more welcoming to your pet, a private jet will give you and your pet the luxury you won't get anywhere else, including a handmade Labbvenn sleeping mat for your pet to rest on throughout the flight.

6. Avoid feeding your pet 4-6 hours before the flight

To have a relaxing flight free of foul smells, you should only give your pet small amounts of water prior to the flight. During the flight, put a water bowl with a little water inside the carrier. A lot of water may create a mess and cause discomfort.

7. Book a direct flight

A direct flight will prevent the possibility of your pet getting lost, being flown to the wrong destination, or mishandled by baggage personnel during layovers.

    1. If you are booked to travel during the winter or summer seasons, choose flights that can accommodate temperature extremes; During the winter, afternoon flights will be more comfortable for your pets while in the summer, late evening or early morning flights will be more ideal.

    2. Once your board a plane, inform the captain or flight attendants in case your pet is in the cargo hold. This may help the captain take special precautions, like adjusting the cargo hold temperatures. If you want to save yourself the stressful situation of constantly wondering about your pet's safety, try a private jet experience where you and your pet will be given a Beyoncé-like treatment. 

      When in doubt keep your pet at home

      Many pet lovers wouldn't bear the thought of leaving their four-legged (or winged) friends behind. However, it is advisable that you leave your pet behind if it tends to be very nervous in new environments, is susceptible to temperature changes and could use a little obedience training. Don't worry, you'll still come home to them.

      While traveling with your pet can give you the ultimate travel experience, you should prioritize the safety of your small fluffy munchkins. If their safety is something you are not sure about, consider getting a pet sitter every time you travel. Better yet, and for guaranteed safety and royal-like treatment, consider the option of a private jet.

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