Top 10 Dog Training Tips For New-born Puppy

  • 14/06/2017
dog-training-tips.jpgA well-trained pooch is always loved by dog owners. In order to achieve this, it is always preferred to start the training session while your dog is still a puppy.

When your new puppy cuddles and licks, you can work it out and then turn the bundle of love into a perfect pooch. The dog training Ireland includes professionals who would train the newborn puppies and help them learn to interact with animals and people throughout the life.

Here is a list of some popular dog training tips for your new pooch:

1. Dedicate Some Time for Your Puppy

During the first few days when your puppy is weaned away from its mates, you must take ample care of it and help it fetch the love, affection and food that it needs. This is the time when it would get used to different people.

2. Welcome Your Puppy to Home

These are the most exciting days when it would have the first interactions with you and it is all fun. Be gentle and caring, for it shall be your first impression.

3. Getting a Crate

Do not use it for time outs. It is meant for safety and solitude. Crates help with house training.

4. Start Offering Simple Commands

If you have been calm and caring to your puppy, it will surely show its affection towards you as well. Start with simple commands and it is more likely to comprehend them as early as it is five weeks old.

5. Potty Train

Schedule regular feedings and potty breaks, this would help it learn good behaviour more quickly. Never punish it for accidents, reward it when it eliminates in the appropriate place.

6. Teach Good Citizenship and Socialisation Skills

Take it out and let it mix with people of all shapes, as well as animals like dogs and cats. This will help it to be associated with all sorts of individuals. It shall also prevent your pooch from being aggressive.

7. Combat Resource Guarding

Pets often seem to become territorial regarding their toys, food bowls and favourite people. Supply it with treats whenever you need to approach towards it. Make it feel safe and this would help you as well as your puppy.

8. Maintain Realistic Expectations

Train your dog according to its individual learning rate. Also, consider its physical as well as emotional abilities into your account.

9. Encourage Bite Inhibition

It is important to teach your puppies not to bite. Establish yourself as the pack leader since that is the only way to make it realise that it needs to obey and earn your respect.

10. Offer Plenty of Exercises

It is essential to provide new experiences to your puppy. Give it puzzle toys and other important things in order to stimulate your puppy's mind. Also, involve them in a lot of outdoor exercises so that it does not get bored.

Above all, make sure that your methods are not aversive. Promote safety and have a lot of fun.

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