Tips To Keep Your House Clean When Living With A Dog

  • 22/10/2018

Remember how spotless your house looked when you first moved in? That fresh smell with brand new walls and floors? Well, for us dog owners, that now feels like a distant fond memory.

As you’d probably have guessed, maintaining a nice and sparkly clean house with a dog inside is almost impossible. Even an OCD patient will find it difficult.

Fret not, today I’m here with a few handy tricks that will help keep your apartment clean, even with an unruly dog.

1. Match Décor to Your Dog Color

This might sound a little absurd, but trust me there is a very good reason for doing this. Matching the décor to the colour of your dog will make their fur coating a lot less noticeable.

While it’s not a cleaning solution, it will, however, make your home seem much cleaner. It’s an ideal tip for shedder dog owners and who vacuum only once a week.

2. Brush Your Dog Daily

Brushing your dog is not only great for your dog’s hair, but it also clears up any loose hair that might filth your home.

I usually do my brushing outside the home or in a dog park. This way, all the dog hair stays outside.

3. Use Dog Towels

It’s a constant battle, especially during the rainy seasons to keep your furry menace out of the dirt and mud. Whenever he finds an opening, mine just jumps outside and rolls in the mud until he’s completely unrecognizable.

If you don’t want your precious floors all muddy, then invest in some dog towels. Train them to lie on the towel until they’re dry. Afterwards just brush off the mud.

4. Using a Dog Bed

Dog beds are awesome! Not only it gives your dog a warm place to rest, but it also matches with almost any décor.

It’s a must-have dog accessory, especially in colder climates. It’s a perfect safe haven for your dog to crash, anytime.

As dog beds are washable, it saves you from a lot of trouble. Just chuck it in the washer and you’re good to go. (If you’re using a heated dog bed, make sure you remove the heating element beforehand)

5.  Sofa Covers

I spoil my dog too much, maybe that’s why he always makes a space for himself on the sofa whenever I’m Netflixing and chilling.

But because of this, I’ve opted in for using a wool sofa. Besides being super comfy (for me!) the wool sofa also repels dirt and covers up grease stains. Wool also does a great job from protecting your sofa from dog nails.

If you are inverse to using wool sofas, you might want to invest in sofa or furniture covers. Trust me, it beats picking off dog hairs from your clothes whenever you use one.

6. Rubber Gloves & Lint Rollers

Rubber gloves are a lifesaver when it comes to removing stray pet hair from (almost!) any surface. The rubber attracts loose hair from every nook and cranny that even the best vacuum cleaners fail to reach.

A lint roller also works similarly, but its best used on clothes. If you’re partial to wearing dark colours, then it will definitely clean up those wandering dog hair before you step out.

7. Using a Swiffer

There are many ways to clean pet hair from your bedroom and living room floors. One of the most popular methods is using an appropriate vacuum clear to suck up the hair, grime, and dirt.

From underneath the couch to the nasty places in between floorboards, a proper vacuum can clean it all.

However, I prefer using a Swiffer. Mostly because I don’t like the hair blowing all around the room.

I think it’s more effective and with a little effort, your floor will be much shiny and pristine than it was before. I hear a few multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are also great at this!

8. Using Jute Rugs          

If you are a carpet person and think your room is incomplete without it, then you should prepare yourself for some heavy cleaning in the future.

However, there is an easy solution – jute rugs. Not only are they durable, repel dirt and hair, but they also save your precious floors from nail scratches.

9. Toy Basket

My dog loves his toys! So much that they’re spread out all around the room. There is an easy solution to this mess – get a visually appealing basket to store all his dodads.

With a little training, they will put back their toys to the basket after they’re done playing. Besides, you can just leave the basket in the open without it being an eyesore.

10. Neckerchief

Your dog might befit the adjectives cute, adorable and heartbreaker by strangers, but if they’re a slobber like mine, you know the ugly truth.

There is very little to be done when they’re drooling on the floor except running around with a washcloth. And I’m going to forego what nightmare you’ll be in if they’re slobbering all over the furniture.

Thankfully, a neckerchief will save you from this predicament. It wipes away all that icky sticky goo making your pooch look fashionable in the process.


They say you learn a lot with experience. All these tips that are shared above are what I learned while taking care of my German Shepherd, Soku.

Granted, you may need to tweak a few things as per your needs, but the basics should stay the same.

Although these may seem like a lot of hard work, in time, you will slowly get used to it. Your dog is a living breathing being, not a showpiece in your mantle.

A little training and hard work will go a long way to keep your home satisfactorily clean and organised.

Good Luck!

Author Bio:
Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. She’s a loving mother to her two children and is passionate about psychology and philosophy. To read more of her articles, visit


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