Tips For Driving Safely With Your Dog

  • 25/03/2019

Dogs have long been known to be man’s best friend. They act as companions, pets, security functions and lots of other functions. Typically, as pets, dogs play with their masters and fend off strangers. In fact, dogs have become intelligent to the point that they now use them to sniff out drug peddlers, some engage in sporting activities and so on.

It is a known fact that dogs need care right? Sometimes you might want to take the dog to meet the vet doctor; some also take their dogs for walks just for relaxation. However, in this discourse, we shall be examining driving safely with your dog and the tips to driving safely with this man’s best friend. I bet you do not want your favourite dog to cause an accident for you, right? Sit back and join us on this jolly ride

Dogs are more than just pets; this fact should not be of foreign quantity to anyone who owns them. In fact, the older and familiar a dog gets to be with a family, the more it becomes more or less an integral part of that family. However, driving with your canine best friend is a different ball game from feeding, bathing or playing with them. It involves meticulous and careful processes in order to prevent mishaps on the highway.

In this discourse on tips for driving safely with your dog, it is important that as a dog–owner you know if your dog is a tail-wagging, happy to ride in a car kind of dog or one that does not like to ride in a car at all. In fact, some dogs that do not like to ride in cars become afraid and agitated or possibly fall ill while driving in your car. This behaviour may be premised on the experience the dog has with its former owners and possibly the dog is used to roaming freely rather than being enclosed in a car no matter how short the trip is. Some drivers who have Irish dog breeds like Chihuahua and others acquire pet management skills during driving lessons in Dublin.

Having established a solid premise on dogs and how they behave in cars, you might be wondering, what tips can I use to prevent my dog from causing me injuries that could be fatal to me while taking him to the vet or anywhere? Here you have them, sit back and watch your worries solved


·        You must anticipate that your dog might be afraid in your car

If your canine best friend happens to dislike road trips because they were once either kidnapped or stolen through this means and it has registered in their memory, you sure have a lot on your hands. In fact, if you are someone who feels you cannot have maximum fun without your dog on a trip and your dog hates being in cars, your problems multiply immediately because if you stuff the dog in the car, you’ll be invited a potential crash. This is why you must anticipate that your dog might be afraid in your car.  In this case, what then do you do?

You can begin by instructing your dog not to panic when in your car. Start by putting your dog’s favourite food in your car and leading it to your car while the ignition is not turned on. After this, you could then get into your car and pretend that you want to drive away. At first, a dog that hates cars will be reluctant and might be hostile. In fact, this process that has been summarily explained might take a lot of months. However, with consistency and perseverance, the dog will get used to it. You could take little trips to assess your dog’s reaction, just as you would assess yourself if you took a pretest lesson.

In spite of this anyway, research that no matter what you do, anything can trigger a dog that had not been afraid of your car to become panicky. In this case, you can seek the help of a professional; preferably a veterinarian.

·        You must have a Car Seat for your Dog

Dogs that are small need a car seat to keep them fastened and relaxed. In fact, no matter how small your dog is, it would be sheer stupidity to go on a road trip with the dog sitting on your lap while you’re on the wheels. One does not need a briefing before you know that by virtue of the distraction that the dog will cause, you could be heading for a crash. It is recommended that you could go for a Booster seat in case your dog is small so that you can fasten the dog to the seat of your car and should in case it wants to look out at the scenery as you are going on your trip, it will be afforded that luxury. Furthermore, the seat gives the dog a snug place in the car.

·        Deal with the triggers that make your canine friend afraid in your car

Sounds such as rumbles and clanks can cause a dog to be panicky. It could be that you’re travelling at a high speed and as reiterated earlier, the dog still had a trauma of the prior experience. No matter what you think can set your dog off like an alarm to start getting panicky and cause problems for you while travelling, make sure you nip them in the bud before you embark on that trip.

·        You have to regulate the way the dog is fed

It would be very ill-advised to feed your dog with a strong and energy packed meal minutes before you go on a trip. You know why? This is because if you feed your dog with an energy-packed meal minutes before leaving for your trip, they become hyperactive while in the car. Instead, you are advised to give the dog a very light meal before going on the trip to keep their energy levels in check

·        No matter how busy you are, do not park your vehicle and leave your dog in it

It is strongly advised that when your car is parked, you should take your dog along with you against the erroneous belief that it’s safe to leave them in the car. The reason is that if you leave the dog in the car, it could feel that it has been deserted by his or her owner and get panicky. In addition, the dog can die of exhaustion and dehydration when you leave it in the car.

At this point, it is crucial to cite the example of Quixote, a Californian German shepherd whose owner lives in Sacramento. One day, Mr Dillingham went to the market to get some groceries. Unfortunately, it was summer and he felt that he did not bother Quixote with the scorching heat of the sun. He rolled the windows up leaving only a little space for air to come in because he didn’t want the dog to come out of the car. He had thought he would be gone for only ten minutes but his wife called him to get some other things for her. On getting to his car an hour later, there lay Quixote, almost dead out of the dehydration and exhaustion. The dog made it to the hospital but later died. Never leave your dog alone in your parked car!

·        You must be conversant with the regulations applicable for travelling with animals in your car

This is an unavoidable part of driving safely with your dog. You must be conversant with the relevant laws that relate to either driving or travelling with your dog. These regulations are different for different places or states. Therefore, it is crucial to the survival, escaping penalties and safety of you and your dog that you know for sure the regulation which is in place about driving or travelling with your dog. Some of these regulations include whether or not your canine friend should be in a seat or not. Also, some of these pertain to leaving your dog in your car or allowing your dog to incidentally come out of your car and become a nuisance

·        Get the best and newest means of identification for your dog

Now, this may look funny or abstract. However, it is not. This is because while driving with your dog, you could be accosted for stealing the dog. If you do not have a valid means of identification for your dog, then you may risk paying some fine. Also, in case you park your car and go on errands and you dig comes out of the car and strays away, it is this identification mode that will be used to either track or identify the dog. What then is recommended? You can use a microchip preferably to be the means of identity.


Dogs are very friendly animals. However, when driving with them no matter how short the trip is, endeavour to adhere to all necessary precautionary methods to prevent any eventuality from happening. You have to acquire Essential   Driving Training Lessons or EDT to acquire skills and confidence.    BE SAFE!

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