The Most Popular Small And Big Breed Of Dogs That Make The Most Adorable Pets

  • 09/02/2017

Dogs that look- alike come from the same breed and are called purebreds. They usually have predictable needs and personalities. Breeds are divided into seven main groups.

TOY DOGS ... The Shih tzu is one of the tiny breeds known as toy dogs. They are full of personality and may bark a lot. Toy dogs don't need lots of walking.

HOUNDS ... Hounds were bred to be hunters and have a built-in desire to chase things. They can be harder to train than other breeds and are not ideal pets for first-time owners.

TERRIERS ... Breeds in the terrier group are tough and have strong personalities. They can be very lively and even aggressive. Most terriers are small or medium sized.

GUNDOGS ... This group includes the Labrador Retriever,and most spaniels. Many breeds in this group are relaxed and easy to train. They are good with children and are popular family pets.

HERDING DOGS ... This group contains the border collie and cattle dogs. They are intelligent breeds with lots of energy. This makes them easy to train. Herding dogs need lots to do, or they will get bored.

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UTILITY DOGS ... This contains all those breeds that don't fit into any other group. The poodle is part of this group.

WORKING DOGS ... Working dogs often make better guard dogs than family pets as they can be protective. The German Shepherd is a well- known breed in this group.

MIXED BREEDS ... Some dogs are a mix of two or more breeds. Many mixed breed dogs make loving,happy pets. They are usually healthier than purebreds.It is harder to predict how they will grow up or how easy they will be to train. Puppies grow much more quickly than human babies. At four weeks, they can run about and play. At five weeks, they have their first teeth. By about six months, they are almost grown.

PUREBRED PUPPIES ... You can usually visit a breeder to look at a litter of puppies when the litter is about four weeks old. You can't take the puppy you choose home until he is around nine weeks old. Watch the mother of the puppies and see if she behaves in a nice way. Her puppies may grow up to be just like her.

MIXED BREED ... If you would like to own a mixed breed puppy, try to meet one of his parents too, for an idea of how big he will grow. If you can't do this, look at the puppy's paws. If he has big paws, he will probably grow into a big dog.

A HEALTHY PUPPY ... You can tell a lot about your pup's personality and health at your fist meeting. She should be lively and friendly, with a clean coat, even under her tail near her bottom. Remember to ask your vet to check your puppy's health, once you bring the pup home.

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