The Importance Of Proper Nutrition For Your Dog’s Wellbeing

  • 20/08/2021
It ensures good digestion.jpgPeople are investing more and more money into their wellness, boosting personal diet and exercise habits. Every human has the right to practice a healthy lifestyle. But what about our pets? They can’t make any changes on their own and they completely rely on us to maintain their health. So be a responsible animal companion and provide your pup with proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition in dogs is very important. Did you know that more than 50% of dogs with owners are overweight? A global pet diet revamp is obviously more than needed and you can be the first to start paying more attention to your dog’s wellbeing. Here are just some of the reasons proper nutrition is essential for your dog’s life.

It ensures good digestion

One of the first differences pet owners notice when switching to better nutrition concerns the digestion of their pups. Cheap dog food boosts the protein percentage without clarifying the quality and quality of each protein. In most cases, the most useful protein sources are used in negligible amounts. Also, not all protein is digestible for dogs. However, when you invest in quality food, your dog will be able to digest their food properly, absorb all nutrients and have healthy poop.

It makes them strong

Animal cells are made up of protein, so this compound is key for building skin, hair, organs and muscles. It’s also crucial in cell damage reparation and rebuilding. Protein is especially important for puppies, growing animals and pregnant dogs so that they are able to build and maintain strong muscles. Protein should be the main ingredient in your dog’s diet, so think raw chicken, beef or lamb or look for dog food with these ingredients.

It helps them grow

Good nutrition is important from the first days of your puppy’s life. If you feed them quality food, you will provide them with the nutrients they need to grow. It’s best to get a puppy formula that suits your specific breed and age, but make sure to opt for higher quality brands. Even if you don’t have access to a pet shop, you can visit Shoppster online store and have great dog food delivered to your doorstep. When buying online (or anywhere else), make sure to check the label and opt for foods that list meat as the first ingredient (not corn or similar). To support healthy growth, your puppy needs a lot of protein and calcium from meat.

It improves their health

Food made with quality ingredients is also responsible for strong immunity and improved vitality. Even old dogs exhibit better mobility when being fed with fresh or high-quality food. This diet also helps fight many different illnesses and ailments. Especially raw food is full of regenerative properties because the nutrients don’t get destroyed during high cooking temperatures.

It results in healthy skin and a shiny coat

Today, many dogs suffer from itching, rashes, coat dryness and other skin and coat issues, mainly due to food allergies and large amounts of fillers in low-quality dog food. On the other hand, fresh food and nutrient-rich food is full of essential ingredients like fatty acids (omega 3,6 and 9) which improve skin health and hydrate the coat. Your dog will be soft and shiny and become an even better cuddling companion.

It maintains healthy body weight

In many cases, switching from dry food to fresh food helps maintain a healthy body weight in dogs. Just by putting your dog on a better diet, they will lose weight and improve their lifespan by 20%--that’s 20% more time you can spend with your best furry friend! Cheap dog food is pumped with fillers and preservatives that will just make your dog overweight, while good food with fresh and quality ingredients will boost energy and mood and maintain your dog’s weight without too much effort.

Unfortunately, many dog owners choose to put money in front of their pet’s health and grab only the cheapest dry food on the market. But if you want to provide your dog with the best and healthiest life, it’s crucial to pay more attention to their diet and ensure their food is packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins they need. As a result, your dog will be happy, healthy, strong, beautiful and more loving than ever, and your bond will be unbreakable.

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