The Importance Of Grooming Your Dog

  • 11/10/2017

As pet owners, our primary concern is keeping our furry friends in good shape. Amid our busy schedule, devoting an ample amount of our time in making sure that our dogs are healthy will provide them with a lot of benefits. In order to guarantee the health of our dogs, we should not only see to it that they maintain a healthy diet but also keep them clean and good-looking. 

Why should we groom our dogs?

1.      Grooming safeguards the health of your dog.

Many veterinarians agree that there is more to grooming than just keeping a pretty pet. Proper grooming is essential because it helps get rid of any parasite or element that may cause illnesses or skin problems. If not removed, a parasite -- such as ticks and fleas -- may propagate on your dog's coat. These pests can transmit several illnesses such as fever, paralysis, and anaemia.

Regular grooming can also help you check for any balls between the paw pads of your furry friend. These paw pads may become hard due to dirt, causing your dog pain and anxiety. When you observe these matter fur, it is high time to visit your vet.

Keeping your dog's ears clean can also prevent him from having ear infections and complications. To accomplish this, fill your dog's ear canal with a liquid ear cleaner, let your dog shake the liquid out, and wipe what is left.

2.      Grooming assures a pleasing appearance for your dog.

Grooming our dogs ensures that they have a neat appearance. One of the best ways to groom our dogs is by brushing them. Brushing is essential because it helps remove dead hair, undercoat, dandruff, and dust that has stuck to your dog's coat. Brushing your dog frequently may also help release the natural oils in the fur of your dogs. These oils are spread out evenly over your dog's thick fur as you brush, providing the coat with a lustrous glow.

To begin with, you should avail yourself of the best dog brush for your pet. Ensure that the brush you pick should commensurate to the type of coat your dog has. You may start grooming your pet while he is still young so that he quickly get used to it.

Another way of grooming your dog is by clipping his nails, including the dewclaws. These nails, when uncut, can cause discomfort. However, it should be noted that his nails should only but at long intervals.

3.      Grooming gives you more time to bond with your dog.

Aside from ensuring your dog's health and appearance, one of the most important reasons why you should groom your dog is that it provides you more time to bond with your canine friend. Grooming gives you more quality time to spend with your pet. This way, your dog can feel your love and attention while he is being kept neat and appealing.

Grooming provides a lot of benefits for your dog, especially in terms of his appearance and health. It also gives you time to bond with your pet, ensuring that attention and care are provided to him. Hence, in order to assure the health of our dogs, we should see to it that they maintain a healthy lifestyle by grooming them as frequently as possible.

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