The Best Guard Dogs

  • 09/04/2020
guard-dogs.jpgGuard dogs’ fearsome reputation has become slightly distorted over the years. They’ve got a bad rap for being badly trained and people are now scared of animals that were once bred to help and protect them! Find out more about the most useful, and most misunderstood, breeds.

When searching for a new pet, or guard dog, it’s important that you keep in mind that you need a dog that’s loyal and protective but not overly aggressive. And there are no bad dogs, only bad owners! The onus is on you to make sure that your animal is well-trained, obedient, and safe to be around.

Larger breeds will need more exercise than their smaller counterparts. It’s up to you to see that they get the physical stimulation they require, whether its chasing footballs or running forest trails.

The Boxer

Boxers are active, intelligent, fun-loving, and very loyal. As menacing as they look, they have a strong need for human affection and are particularly good with children. They’ll go out of their way for love and attention while remaining alert to danger and the very same athleticism that makes them such great companions will put fear into an intruder’s heart.


Powerfully built and incredibly strong, Bullmastiffs are affectionate, fearless, loyal, and eager to please. As intimidating as they look, they’re very docile, sweet-natured dogs when with their families. They also have great instincts, are fiercely protective, and, while rarely barking, they’ll attack if they sense their owners are in danger.

Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers are clever and easily trained, which have made them a popular choice for police, security, and war dogs throughout history. They’re incredibly agile, very alert, particularly fearless, and remain cautious around people they don’t know.

As intimidating as they are to outsiders, Doberman Pinschers are obedient family friends and, with the proper training for both the human and the animal, can be a companion like no other.

The German Shepherd

The American Kennel Club has described the German Shepherd as a true dog lover’s dog. Despite its large size and menacing appearance, this breed is actually very playful and affectionate. They’re great with children and make excellent pets because they are intelligent and love learning, listening, and obeying orders. They’re brave dogs too, and naturally protective of their families.

With a German Shepherd in the house or at an hotel, you can relax, putting your downtime towards having fun reading celebrity gossip online, chatting with friends and family, or playing online Bingo in Australia. There’ll be nothing else to worry about!

The Great Dane

The enormous Great Dane, which averages out at between 32 inches, or 81 centimetres, and 36 inches, or just over 90 centimetres, is a surprisingly gentle animal and one particularly suited to households with children.

Their outlandish size alone may deter would-be attackers.


If it’s properly trained, the confident, intelligent Rottweiler is one of the best-ever guard dogs. They’re loving, loyal, and devoted, eager to please their owners but also protective of them and cautious around strangers. 

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