The 5 Most Interactive Toys For Your Dog

  • 15/05/2017

Best Dog Frisbee: Toughest Toy in the Market

Dogs are all about activities. They love to run around inside and outside your house, dig all the way to China and chew incessantly on what they could get their mouths on. If you notice your dog getting more restless and destructive by the day, you may need to play with your pet to let the steam off.

Fortunately for both man and canine, there are a variety of toys you can play with your faithful pet. Here are the 5 most interactive toys for dogs

1. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Dogs love to play with balls. They also have sensitive ears that can pick up the faintest of sounds. Perk up their senses with this interactive toy that rolls, wiggles, makes noise and bounces around.

It can even dispense treats if they play by the rules! It might take a week or two before you tire of the squeaking sound, but you can be sure that your pooch will constantly squeeze it just to make it squeak. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball will preoccupy your dog all day long and can stand tough even under rough play.

2. Tether Tug Dog

Does your faithful pet love to tug on anything he or she can get their hands on? It could be the pillow you're liberating from their care, a piece of toy bone in the yard or your clothes when you hang them out to dry. Give him a pet-friendly tug toy with the Tether Tug Dog, which does several convenient things for the owner and pet.

One, you can hold one end of the toy and allow your dog to tug on it all day. The fabric at the end mimics that of everyday items that your dog thinks he must have.

Second, the Tether Tug Dog can be played by your pooch by himself. Just tether the toy to a stable item and let your dog go wild! The Tether Tug Dog is durable, safe, and it comes in different sizes.

3. Booda Tail-Spin Flyer

You'll definitely need the best dog frisbee for some great outdoor fun with your pet, but which one should you buy? The Booda Tail-Spin Flyer is one of the top contenders in that category. Here's why many dog owners think that this frisbee is the best among the rest.

The material that went into making this frisbee is flexible- the outer rim, which gets the most punishment, is made of pet-safe rubber and covered with a fabric. Biting the thing will actually exercise your dog's gums and teeth. You can choose from different-sized discs at either 7, 10 or 12-inch variety.

As for being a frisbee, the Tail-Spin Flyer is lighter than most and flies well with the wind. Needless to say, it's a great interactive toy for your dog when you're out and about in the yard, the park or at the beach. Your pooch will want to play all day long with this excellent frisbee!

4. Chuckit! Launcher

Maybe you and your pet dog have a shared passion of enjoying seeing things launch high up in the air. You can't do it so much because it takes a toll on your arm. But with the Chuckit! Launcher, you can just attach a tennis ball or compatible item, use the Launcher's ability to let you throw the ball/toy where you want to, and it does all the rest.

This pet toy comes in different colours and lengths. This is the toy to get if your dog loves fetching sticks and small balls all day. Your hand will be safe from wet slobber, and your throw distance will increase. Your dog will stand to get more exercise per throw, and he or she will be challenged to find that tennis ball at great distances. It's a true win-win situation!

5. Nina Ottoson Dog Twister

Your dog may be getting what he needs in the physical exercise department, but what if he's bored out of his mind and he's looking for mental stimulation?

Exercise his mind while allowing him to get treats automatically in one swoop with the Nina Ottoson Dog Twister. It's a pet plate that your pooch can interact with to get to the treats he loves the most. The paw pieces and the bones can be removed, and your dog will get a pleasant surprise within! The trick is in lifting the pieces that twist as your dog nuzzles, nicks and bites the toy. You can be sure that your dog will be using all his noggin' to find a way to get to his favourite treat!

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