Teaching Your Dog To Be Calm

  • 09/09/2020

calm-puppy.jpgDoes your dog know how to settle down? A lot of dog owners find it exhausting when their canines just do not know how to relax. This can result from anything from fear and anxiety to being overtired during the day. Your furry friend can become disruptive if you are trying to work from home or you have friends over.

Owners often decide that this is just the way their dog is and part of their personality. However, this is not true. Instead, you can teach your pooch to settle down so that you can get on with other activities. This also gives your canine time to recharge their batteries. So, let’s take a look at how you can teach your dog to be calm.

Prioritize Exercise

First of all, you cannot expect your canine to be calm and relaxed if you have not fulfilled their needs. Namely, we are talking about exercising and walking your pup. This is so important for your dog. From draining their excess energy to allowing them to explore their environment, daily walks are essential. So, before you want your dog to be calm, allow them to enjoy some exercise.

Create a Comfortable Space

Next, you need to create your dog’s personal rest space. You want to create a warm and cozy environment where your canine can feel safe, free from anxiety where they can rest without being disturbed. For example, some people use a crate for chill-out time. Other owners simply use a mat or a bed. The main thing is to create a nice place that encourages your dog to nap. For example, you can make the bed comfortable with woof blankets. Your dog will love to snuggle up and enjoy some downtime.

Reward Your Dog with Treats

Now is the training part. You need to teach your canine to lie down on their comfortable bed or mat. This is going to take time and patience. One of the best ways to teach your pooch to be calm is to use treats. You can instruct them to lie down and give them a treat and praise when they do. Every time they wait on the bed or mat, they will be rewarded.

Repeat and Be Consistent

Eventually, your dog is going to realize that they get rewarded for being calm and lying down. You need to keep repeating this process with treats. However, you should extend the time between each treat. In other words, you get them to lie down for two minutes then give them a treat. Then you wait five minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes and so on before they are rewarded. Eventually, they are going to be able to wait on their mat or bed for a long time without having to get a treat. They will learn that this is what you want and do it without having to get a tasty snack. Then, when you have guests over or you are busy, you can instruct your dog to calm down.

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