Reasons Why Even Dogs Benefit From Organic Food

  • 10/03/2020
organic-dog-food.jpgSlowly but surely, trends in human nutrition are back on track. After decades of 'torturing' the organism with processed and junk food, it seems that people are slowly returning to nature and what it has to offer. Yes, the consumption of fresh, organic ingredients is on the rise again.

And what the true meaning of the word ‘organic’ is, find out below:

Even though you are not a fan of healthy eating, you are aware of all the benefits it brings with you. In shops and markets, fresh fruits and vegetables, produced without the use of additives, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, are increasingly on offer.

Producers of meat, milk and dairy products, and eggs, guarantee that their animals ate only fresh mountain grass and reside in humane conditions. If such products meet your expectations, a logical question arises - does organic nutrition carry the same benefits for our pets?

Dog food manufacturers have perceived this trend, and have included products labeled 'organic.' Whether you'll trust them, it is up to you. But you can always rely on preparing healthy meals for your four-legged friends. One thing is for sure - home-made delicacies can't hurt them.

Better Digestion

Considering what kind of food they eat, you probably think your pet’s digestive system is made of steel. On the contrary, this organ system is quite sensitive in animals and is not adapted to digesting 'human' food.

And ingredients for human nutrition is exactly what most manufacturers of canned pet food use - various wastes, meat leftovers, and many more things that your pet's body just can't digest. Also, the amount of nutrients in processed pet food is questionable.

In general, you can never know whether canned foods really contain everything claimed on the packaging (and the amount of those things). Commercial brands of dog food indeed tend to overestimate the percentages of certain ingredients, such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals in their products.

Fresh, home-made food will be a real blessing for your dog's stomach. You'll also notice that in its poop. While eating industrial foods, your dog had plenty of stinky stools. By switching to fresh meals prepared from organic foods, this number is reduced, so as the amount of feces. It's because the organism of your furry buddy finally absorbed most of the beneficial food ingredients.

Organic Ingredients Provide All Necessary Nutrients to Your Dog

Organic foods contain essential micro and macronutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a source of minerals and vitamins; grains contain healthy fiber and complex carbohydrates, and meat is rich in protein. Fish abounds in healthy fatty acids, which are essential for keeping the heart of your dog healthy.

'Simple' canned dog meals are delicious, and dogs love them. But it's of questionable quality, especially since you can never know exactly what's inside the can. On the other hand, dog's meals, prepared from organic products, are an excellent opportunity to provide your furry buddies with all the nutrients they need and to know what they are eating.

Say Goodbye to Allergies and Skin Issues

Dogs, like humans, are prone to allergies. And these mostly arise as a reaction to food. You can't neglect the symptoms, as they are primarily visible on your pet's fur and skin. That can be quite a stressful situation, since they may be exuviating, and their skin can be irritated and inflamed. And they always lick those spots, thus making the condition even worse.

If you've tried all the medicines and preparations so far, it may be time to make some radical changes to your pet's nutrition. If you are sure that the allergic reaction did not occur as a result of contact, then the culprit is food, i.e., some of the ingredients found in dog cans and bags.

The great advantage of organic ingredients is that these contain very few allergens, which are mostly nutritional. These foods are free of chemicals, artificial colors, and flavor enhancers, or anything that can cause unwanted allergic reactions to your pup.

You will notice that your pet's fur returns its shine if you include fish and cereals rich in essential fatty acids in your pup's diet. Also, the skin will be more elastic and hydrated, which means that your dog will not leave the hair all around. And that means many soft cuddles.

Organic Food Is Immunity Booster

All of the nutrients found in organic ingredients provide your dog with enough energy to build healthy immunity, which will fight allergens that cause skin infections, and many other threats to your dog's health. Even organic dog food in a can (so-called premium brands) is a better option than regular cans and bags without the ‘organic’ label.

Most pet owners turn to healthy eating when their pet has a severe health problem. It is essential to know that healthy organic ingredients, in a daily menu of your dog, can be excellent prevention for many diseases, from skin infections to obesity problems.

Better Quality of Pet’s Life

Every caring owner wants to give his four-legged friend the best living conditions. And the quality of nutrition has a significant impact on the quality of the dog's life. Primarily because eating home-made meals, prepared with quality ingredients, reduces the risk of obesity and heart failures in your pup.

Pets that have the optimum body weight and recommended dose of daily activity are sure to have a healthier, longer, and happier life than their chubby animal friends. Commercial cans contain a variety of additives and flavor enhancers, which have an adverse effect on the health of your pet. On the other hand, fresh, healthy meals provide increased energy and lasting wellbeing and longevity of your beloved dog.

There are many misconceptions about dogs' nutritional needs. Although it has not been very popular to give them fresh fruits and vegetables until recently, dare to bring these changes to the eating habits of your furry buddy. Your pet will probably complain at first. But over time, you will learn to cook healthy and delicious meals for your pup, so you will both enjoy it.

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