Quarantine Compassion: Don’t Forget Your Dog

  • 14/11/2020

Pandemic, isolation, and quarantine are all rather popular words for 2020. While these complicated times have made life, well, complicated, what about how it’s all affecting our pets? Whether it’s sporting face masks, guarding distances, or even being stuck inside, your dog is surely feeling the anxiety.

When dogs are stressed or anxious they will often demonstrate altered behaviour.

For example, anxious dogs can be more withdrawn, aggressive, defecate indoors, pant excessively, be destructive and even bite.

So, what can we do to help our dogs through these difficult times?

Be a good friend to man’s best friend:

Our dogs are a part of our families. They are as integral to our day to day as we are to there’s.

Don’t forget that.

It’s our job as dog owners to be patient, caring and very observant. While you may think: “oh my dog is fine. My dog can handle stress.” We ask you to think again.

Perhaps your dog will be fine. And perhaps your dog will never showcase any signs of aggression. Even still, you never can fully know. These are the kind of times that can bring out unexpected behaviours in our beloved furry friends.

However, we aren’t living the same life we were living a year ago. Many things have changed. Perhaps now you have kids at home all day, with your dog. Maybe you haven’t had as much time outdoors, neither has your dog.

While we can’t read our dogs minds and they can’t exactly speak to us, it’s important to be sensitive to their behaviours.

If your dog has misbehaved recently or does something differently than he did before, we ask you to take a minute. For example, if your dog started chewing on something he should not be chewing on, don’t react immediately with anger or reproach. Instead, consider that this is your dog trying to deal with his anxiety.

Just as we are all adapting to the new reality we are living in, we need to have compassion for our dogs as they adapt.

Building a New Routine for Your Dog

If your entire way of living has altered in the last year and completely upended your routine and life, your dog knows something is up.

Your pup does not understand what we are stressed about or why. He or she only knows that something is different, emotions are changed, and things are just not quite right.

It’s important to stick to routines, be kind and patient, and maintain a low-stress atmosphere. We know that can be difficult for us mere humans. So, instead, think about how crucial it is for your dear dogs well being! That will make it easier for you to stick to it.

Bio: Kristen Klepac is a freelance writer and content marketing specialist. She loves researching and dreaming up new content for clients on a wide range of topics including dog statistics and travel destinations.

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