Purebred vs Mutt: How To Choose Which Dog Is Right For You

  • 14/11/2018

When looking for a new dog, it is a very difficult decision when faced with the choice of purebred vs mutt. Here's all you need to know to make the right choice

Are purebred dogs or mutts more popular with American dog lovers? It's a close call, but mutts make up 53 per cent of dogs in the United States.

Despite that, the purebred vs. mutt debate is far from settled. Fans of purebred dogs believe their pups are more predictable, while fans of mutts say they're healthier and cheaper.

There's no objectively right answer to a question like this since dogs can be stellar companions regardless of how what breed or breeds they are.

Read on to find out more about the differences between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs.

Purebred vs. Mutt: The Health Question

Most of us have heard that purebreds aren't as healthy as mixed breeds. But is that true?

The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association says there's something to that idea.

Researchers examined records from a veterinary teaching hospital and found that purebred dogs had a higher incidence of 10 genetic disorders, including elbow dysplasia.

On the other hand (or paw), mixed breed dogs had a higher incidence of just one genetic disorder. There were some flaws in the study, including the fact that researchers didn't do a follow-up study to try and replicate the results.

If you opt for a purebred dog over a mixed breed, be sure to research any disorders that are more common in that breed. For instance, basset hounds have big, distinctive ears that are prone to get infected.

Not every mutt will be healthier than every purebred. Don't assume that having a mutt means you never need to take them to the vet's office. Staffers at a place like a big country vet will tell you regular visits to the dog doctor are important regardless of breed status.

Designer Mixed Breeds

There are some breeders who try to split the perceived differences in the purebred vs. mutt debate with designer mixed breeds.

Breeding a chihuahua with a dachshund will result in a dog known as a Chiweenie. If you breed a beagle with a pug, you get a puggle.

These dogs can cost more than your monthly rent. Breeders say that mixing a couple of breeds will create a dog that's stronger than a purebred but fancier than a mutt with no discernible bloodline.

These dogs are no doubt adorable, but be wary of any pet breeder that tries to sell you a dog as fast as possible. Dog breeders should not act like car salesman giving you the hard sell.

A good breeder will want to know that their dog is going to a home where it will get cherished. A puppy mill owner won't care where the dog goes as long as the check clears. Disreputable breeders will dump special needs dogs because they don't want to bother finding homes for them.

Deciding For Yourself

When you find the right dog with the right personality, the purebred vs. mutt question can seem academic. Tracing your pup's family tree isn't as important as finding the right fit.

We're canine enthusiasts with a strong belief in responsible pet ownership. For more on how to keep your dog healthy and happy, check out our blog post on toxic pet foods

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