Puppy Potty Training Lessons

  • 27/11/2010

House training your dog requires lots of patience, commitment and consistency. Following these puppy potty training lessons and you will help minimize accidents in the house. You have to expect there is going to be some accidents if you're raising a young pup. The more consistent you are with your training, the faster he will be house trained.

Set A Routine - Puppies, like babies, do best on some type of schedule. This must include set times to eat, play and potty. They can hold their bladder one hour for every month of age they are. Waiting any longer will guarantee your puppy will have an accident, regardless of how much training you have instilled in them.

Choose A Potty Spot - With your puppy leashed take him/her to their potty spot. While they are doing their deed, saying "go potty" will remind them what to do. Having them leashed will show them that before playing, they have to do their business first.

Put Your Puppy On A Feeding Schedule - An important puppy potty training lesson to remember is to schedule when he eats throughout the day to keep them on a consistent 'potty time'. This will just make house training so much easier on the both of you.

Give Rewards - Make sure to praise your puppy with a treat but only immediately after they finish eliminating. Don't wait till they come back inside. Immediate rewarding will help him/her recognize that they did a good deed. If you wait to long they will become distracted and won't associate the treat with them going to the potty.

Confinement - If your not able to keep an eye on your puppy at all times you must confine them or crate them. The crate should be big enough for him/her to lie down and turn around in. Puppies won't potty in the area where they sleep so it's crucial that the crate fits the puppies size just right. As mentioned earlier, a normal part of house training is expecting your puppy to have a few accidents. When this happens, here is what you do:

  • Stop him in the act of going in the house
  • Without scaring him/her say "OUTSIDE" and immediately take them to their potty spot, praise and give a treat if they finish eliminating outside.
  • Under no circumstances must you punish them for going in the house unless you see it. If you don't witness it happening, you can't correct it, just clean it up. Make sure to clean it thoroughly otherwise the smell will keep them soiling in the same spot.

Remember when potty training your pet that they don't do wrong things on purpose, more than anything they just want to please you. But they will make mistakes. So your last puppy potty training lesson or tip is to expect it. This will make it easier to deal with when it does happen.

Want to learn more valuable tips for training your puppy? Don't stop here! You can get a printable house training schedule and some great crate training tips to go along with your potty training lessons.

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