Puppy Has Needs - Consider Puppy Needs Before Going Trendy

  • 09/10/2017

Bravo! You’ve chosen to become a pet parent. Maybe this is your first time. Maybe you’re getting older and just realized you need a therapeutic companion. Whatever the circumstance may be, this is a great opportunity to love something and have it love you back — animals are like that! And puppies are the most loving animals you can own.

Too often though, new dog parents don’t research their breed enough before choosing it. A lot of times, they get so overly excited over the dog’s cuteness, they don’t consider the puppy’s needs. They dress it up and improperly socialize it and end up putting more pressure on the dog than it can take. Try to focus more on choosing a breed that you feel you can fill the needs of, as energy and training needs can greatly differ by breed.

Here are some tips for new puppy owners of popular breeds. Don’t worry, both you and your puppy can be fulfilled by your relationship!


Naturally, Dalmatians tend to be friendly and loyal to their families. However, if they aren’t raised well from an early age they may become extremely hyperactive and hard to train. Primarily, Dalmatian puppies should be socialized with other dogs and people early on. Experts say take them to jog with you or play fetch with them as well. This will help them be mentally healthy and socially apt.


Huskies are commonly known for their role in dog sled competitions. And it makes sense because they love to RUN. This cannot be overemphasized. Particularly popular is the Siberian Husky. If you choose to take one on, you know that a fenced-in yard is absolutely essential. Additionally, if they’re not getting enough exercise, even the fence won’t stop them. Keep in mind that you also need to keep this dog in cooler temperatures, as they’re not built to thrive in extremely hot places, even more so than other dog breeds.


Cockapoos are considered among the first of the “designer dogs.” They’re considered to be among the most people-social dogs there are, which makes them incredibly easy to train. Give them attention, potty train them correctly, and you should be golden!


Corgi puppies are known for how hyper they are. They have no off switch. Make sure to take them for walks, and play with them. You want them to use a healthy level of energy. If they don’t, your sleep schedule will be similar to it is when you have a child - practically non-existent.

Pit Bulls

While all dogs need a lot of exercise, Pit Bulls need more exercise than most dog breeds; this is due to the terrier ancestry. So fetch, frisbee and the like are great. Pack walks and socialization are essential to raising them into social and well behaved pets. If not properly socialized, you may have some very serious problems down the road. Also, be aware of the health problems they commonly face, such as being born deaf, hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye diseases and more.

What breeds of dog do you own? How has taking care of them been hard or surprising? Let me know in the comments below!  

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