Protecting Your Puppy From Street Dog Attacks

  • 08/01/2018

Dogs are the most adorable creatures on Earth and hands down, we all agree. While they are loving and come as bundles of joy, they also fight at times. Fighting of two unfamiliar dogs is quite common yet dreadful. It is also true that no one wants his/her dog to get hurt and feel sorry for the quarrel afterwards.

Imagine, you are walking with your baby dog and you see across the lane, a pack of three dogs making outraging noises, ready to attack. A nerve-wracking sight, isn’t it? You might feel frightened for your dog, trying to find solutions, maybe little panicked.

However, that is the time when you should think calmly and find the best solution to escape the situation. Just to make you aware of all the escape measures, here are the tips and tricks that you can follow.

Know the Reason

You don’t know the reason a street dog is up for quarrel or fight with your pet. You cannot understand the underlying conditions without gauging the surroundings. Stray dogs are mostly abandoned by their owners or are a result of uncontrolled breeding where they are forced to stay in inhumane conditions. Also, they are ill-treated by humans, making them hateful against men.

Seeing the dog being loved by the humans can sometimes make them jealous, which is often a result of their anguish leading to quarrel. However, not all of them are the same and none should be kicked to stop. All can be taken care of in a better way. Let’s know how!

Knowing Your Dog

Yes! Know your dog first. This will help you make fitting decisions. You won’t end up regretting and doubting after over-relying on your dog’s abilities.

Some dogs walk while challenging other dogs, making them revert badly. Thus, understanding your own dog is important. Ensure that you are not just looking from one perspective, but taking care of both ends. Stray dogs are also dogs like your own pet, just grown up in different atmosphere and conditions.

Making a Way Out

If you know there are more than one teed off dogs in the lane, try to choose a different way. It is not about getting scared, but it is about saving your dog from affliction. You may have to walk an extra mile, but you’ll be saved from the ordeal that can cause a lasting bad impression on your dog.

If the only option is to walk through, ensure that you keep as much space as possible between your dog and the other dogs. Not making an eye contact is also advised to avoid making the dogs feel challenged.

A Stick - But Only To Scare Away

Always keep a stick with you when walking down the street with your dog. However, using the stick can be utterly difficult for many of us. Let’s talk it out!

Whenever you see a dog trying to pounce on you or your dog, put the stick in front of the dog’s nose. And keep it there only till the dog backs off. Also, this will help in occupying the dog along with making him tired struggling with the stick.

The stray dog might bite the stick to make you drop it. However, hold tight and never pull the stick back to take it from the dog. Pulling the stick can make it fall and that is something you do not want, even in your wildest dreams.

So instead of pulling, push it a bit once the dog has it inside its mouth. Now by pushing, it doesn’t mean that you should be forceful eventuating in harming the dog. Just let him know it’s time to back off.

Other Tips

One of the main tips is - do not run. Running will make the dogs feel that they have an upper hand and they can reach out to you easily.

Do not pick up your dog. Yes! This will make you occupied and the stray dogs will jump all over you to grab your dog. This can hurt you and in the end, you both will be hurt.

If by any chance, your dog is hurt, visit the vet as soon as possible. Along with that, also file a complaint about the wild stray dogs. If you think the dogs were just off-leash by the owner, you should complain about the person too.

Some angels choose fur instead of wings!

Let’s understand these little angels and save them from all kind of harms. These tips are to save the dogs from bad situations. A bad encounter can leave the dog with lack of confidence and can call for an urgency rehabilitation admission as well.

Better to take safety measures beforehand.

Contributor Bio - The blog is presented to you by 9ightout. The round-up suggests ways to avoid dogfights to ensure everyone’s well-being. 

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