Potentially Harmful Foods For Your Dog

  • 14/01/2020

It’s always good to note what foods you should and shouldn’t be giving your dog - especially if you treat your dog like any other part of the family. Sometimes it’s tempting to give your dog that slice of watermelon or bite of chocolate. 

But both foods are known for being very harmful. To know more, Fuzzy Rescue has the answer to many of your queries around why dogs can't eat certain foods (like watermelon).

Some other food items that you really shouldn’t be giving your dog are listed below in this article. Hopefully, our tips will help you think twice before feeding your dog something that might make them ill.

1.     Anything with xylitol

Xylitol is a sweetener, present in candy, baked goods such as cakes, and even toothpaste. Keep any sweet items away from your puppy - especially artificially sweetened items.

Studies have shown that feeding your dog any of these items, sweetened with xylitol, could cause liver failure through drastic lowering of blood sugar. Symptoms are: vomiting, tiredness, and even seizures. 

2.     Onions and garlic

Keep these two items away from your dog, in any variation! They can kill your dog's red blood cells, causing anaemia. Symptoms such as vomiting, weakness and breathing problems are associated with onion or garlic overdose.

3.     Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins cause kidney failure in dogs, so keep your pup far away from them. These foods cause vomiting and are also linked to sluggishness and depression. 

4.     Milk

Don’t be tempted to share your ice-cream with your canine friend - keep those sweet treats for the two-legged. Milk-based products have the potential to cause your dog to develop digestive disorders such as diarrhoea or vomiting.

Milk also has the potential to trigger other allergies in your dog leading to more problems down the line.

5.     Avocado

Avocado contains something called persin, which is also present in the leaves, seed and bark of the avocado plant. Too much of it is really harmful for dogs, causing vomiting.

Any fruit, such as avocados, with big seeds shouldn’t be left unattended. Your dog could swallow the seed and choke. There have also been cases where dogs have swallowed the seeds in avocados and they've become lodged in the animals' intestines with fatal consequences.

6.     Bones

Historically, giving a dog a bone has been a normal thing - but actually, bones aren’t as compatible with our furry friends as much as we might have thought.

Your pet could potentially choke on any bones. And even if they don’t, bones have the potential to splinter and obstruct or cut the digestive system.

Similarly, fat trimmings from meat aren’t a great idea to feed to your dog - this can cause pancreatitis (whether the fat is cooked or uncooked). So, be mindful when you're giving your pup bits of meat off your plate.

7.     Salt

Do not share any salty snacks with your pet - this could lead to sodium ion poisoning. Too much salt causes a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as depression, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors and shakes, high temperature, and seizures. Too much salt can sadly be fatal.

To Wrap Up

These are just a few foods to keep away from your furry pal. There are many more out there, so do your research and keep your puppy away from things you and your family eat. Ask your vet to recommend the best healthy foods for your pets and stick to their advice. Remember, your dog has a very different digestive system to you.

If the worst should happen and your dog eats something you think they shouldn’t have, try not to panic too much. Call your vet, or emergency animal clinic, immediately. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

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