Is Dog Friendly Artificial Grass Right For Your Pets?

  • 02/07/2021
artificial-grass-dog.jpgYour dog-friendly artificial grass does not just have to be in the backyard. A pool, yard, or even a play area can enjoy it as well. No matter where your dog enjoys laying, artificial grass will make sure your pet gets used to going on turf surfaces, and best of all, it is straightforward to clean and wash! This means that you will no longer have to put up with gross dog odor on your deck or in your pool, and you will be able to enjoy pool parties and other activities without worrying about stinky pet paws!

One great advantage of dog friendly artificial grass is that it is easy to maintain. If you were to try to clean up after your pet, it would be a huge mess. However, when you use artificial turf, you have to remove the dog waste, sweep or mop the area, and then replace it with new and clean soil. This makes it incredibly easy to keep your backyard, pool, or even your yard looking great while your pet rests indoors. No need to try to shovel poop or pick up dog waste when there are alternatives out there.

With the summer approaching, another advantage to dog-friendly artificial grass is that it is a great way to keep your pet cool on hot days. When the sun beats down on us, we want to stay inside to avoid dehydration. However, with fake grass, you can limit the amount of time that your dog spends outside. With less heat hitting their bodies, they will be more comfortable and happier to stay inside.

Why Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Is Preferred Over Other Types

The temperature plays a significant factor in the life of dogs. It is hard to predict when the weather will get extreme, but dogs can become miserable when it does. Chilling temperatures have caused many problems in the past for pet owners. However, by using dog-friendly artificial grass, you can cut down on the time your dog has to stay out of the house because of extreme heat.

If you own an outdoor dog park, then you know how frustrating it can be to walk around your dog's play area and see only dried poop. Some parks even place special fencing around the room so pets cannot jump onto the white pieces and make them tuck their tail between their legs. While this is a precaution for safety purposes, most parks also use artificial grass to help prevent dogs from digging up the ground and creating problems for the people who own the park. When you have dogs on the loose, you must take extra measures to keep them off the grass.

Another reason why pet friendly artificial grass is preferred over other types is the foam underlay used. Foam is placed under the top layer of the synthetic grass to help prevent the dirt, sand, and other debris from seeping underneath the turf. If dirt and debris were to do this, it would cause the grass to wear down faster. So instead, the foam allows the land and other particles to sink to the bottom, which creates a softer top layer. This allows the grass to wear down at a much slower rate while still providing dense and lush green grass. Many experts believe that the thicker, more viscous top layer creates a better environment for the grass.

Benefits of Artificial Lawn Installation

In addition to the foam underlay, dog-friendly artificial grass also includes an added antibacterial compound. By eliminating the bacteria, you are protecting your pets from getting sick from the grass. Many dog owners suffer from sicknesses such as salmonella, which can be contracted from the dog walking around with dirty paws. By giving your pet a safe alternative to walking on wood or dirt, you protect them from getting sick. Not only that, the antibacterial compound helps to keep the pet immune to sicknesses that are transferred from their owners. This is one way that artificial grass saves money in vet bills, so it's a good investment.

While many people may think that artificial lawn installation for their dogs would be too expensive, that is no longer the case. There are now several manufacturers that produce dog-friendly artificial grass that is affordable. You can find products that are affordable and durable. Whether you are looking for low maintenance, a comfortable surface, or a low-cost option, you will find dog-friendly artificial grass.

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