How To Write An Essay About Your Lovely Dog

  • 20/03/2020
essay-writing-tips-for-dogs.jpgIt is a fact that the dog has been with human beings since ancient times. Individuals have kept dogs as pets for the longest time. The dog has been tested and proved to be a loyal friend to humans. It is one of the most understandable pets for human beings. Such kind of loyalty has made the dog to be greatly attached to individuals. When you are talking about your dog, you will realize it feels like discussing your closest friend. Hence, you should do it in the best way possible. In this article, you will learn how to write an essay about your dog.

What does a common app topic entail?

A common app essay is the best way for admissions committees to get to know who you are. The common app topic hence indicates an area of your interest. When someone reads such a topic, they can know more about you in a particular area. For instance, a topic on your lovely dog demonstrates your interest in pets.

Identify excellent dog essay examples

One of the best approaches to becoming a good writer on any topic is being a good reader. As individuals read widely, they get to establish the best ways of approaching issues. In other words, good writers are also good readers. Since you want to write the best essay about your lovely dog, you must read essay examples about the same topic. CustomEssayOrder can provide you with examples that can assist you in the writing process. The essay writing companies have written numerous essays about dogs. Get in touch and the company will send you some of the samples.

Provide details regarding your lovely pet

You want readers to know more about your lovely pet. As a result, you should comprehensively describe your dog. The readers expect to know the following details about your dog:

  • The name. Tell the audience the name of the dog and why you decided to give it that name.
  • How you met the dog. Indicate the first time you saw the dog and how you felt
  • What you like about the pet. Tell the readers about why you like being around the dog.
  • What the dog likes doing or eating

How did you meet?

Your readers would like to know how you met the dog. For instance, you could talk about how you found the dog as a puppy abandoned by the owner on the road. You then went ahead to inform your parents about the dog, who then went ahead and communicated with the local authorities. The readers want to hear about the first encounter with the dog so that they can establish why you have such a deep connection with it. In case you have problems narrating how you first met the dog, get assistance from a professional writing service. Provide the service with the details about the dog and they will write a comprehensive essay for you.

List dog’s advantages

The audience wants to know the advantages you derive from your lovely dog. They want to see why you have such a nice relationship with it. Some of the advantages you can list include:

  • Your dog is intelligent and responsive hence it protects you from dangers.
  • Humorous hence keeping you entertained
  • Easily teachable
  • Friendly to you and kids
  • Loyal

Describe your feelings

How do you feel when you are with the dog? Take time to describe your feelings towards the pet. Maybe the pet makes you happy when you are sad. The audience needs to know your feelings towards the dog so that they can relate to it. You can get in touch with any essay writing service in Australia for an essay about your feelings towards the dog. Getting a custom paper is important because:

  • It will be written by an expert writer. All the writers have a wealth of experience in essay writing.
  • The essay will be customized to fit your requirements. The writer will ensure the essay fits all your specifications
  • The paper will be thoroughly checked to ensure it does not have grammatical mistakes. The writers have a team that cross-checks all the essays to ensure they have the correct grammar.
  • No plagiarism. The writer will develop the essay from scratch hence the content will be 100% unique.

How long do you stay with the dog?

Your dog essay should show the amount of time you spend with the dog. Readers want to gauge how you value your dog depending on how long you stay with it. If you care for the pet, you will find time to spend with it. Spending more time with the pet is an indication that you value it.


Your pet’s essay is not complete without proofreading it. You can have a well-written essay but one that has numerous mistakes. Re-read your essay to remove grammatical mistakes. You can also use proofreading software like Grammarly to correct the document. You can also get a friend to read the essay and make comments on the areas you need to improve.

Conclusively, writing an essay about your lovely dog is simple is you follow the tips in this article. Remember, you aim to demonstrate how close you are to your dog. With a good essay, the audience can understand how much the dog means to you. Remembers to have a logical flow of ideas in your essay. Allow the readers to connect with all the parts of your essay. Eventually, do not forget to edit the work. Proofread the document to ensure it does not have grammatical errors.

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