How To Prepare For A Smooth Motorcycling Trip With Dogs

  • 19/04/2021
How to Prepare for a Smooth Motorcycling Trip with Dogs.jpegMost dogs are happy to travel, see new places, sniff the world and come in contact with a lot of people willing to give them pets. But not all dogs are thrilled to take a ride on a motorcycle! If you’re lucky to have a dog who loves this activity, get the best out of it by going on a fun motorcycling trip with your pooch. How do you organize such an adventure to ensure comfort for both you and your dog? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Practice your slow riding skills

Dogs are curious and they will crane their neck and twist their body to get a better scent of that cow you just passed or that cat that crossed the road. This is not a problem when you’re cruising at comfortable speeds, but if you’re crawling along a steep cobblestone road full of bumps, twists and turns, sudden movements can throw you off your game in a second. So before you embark on an adventure with your dog, practice your slow riding skills every day.

Do your research

Traveling with a dog will complicate every border crossing and police checkpoint, but only if you didn’t do your homework. For instance, when entering Belize with a dog, you need to fill out an online form at least 24 hours in advance. If you do that, you’ll fly right through, but if you’ll be stuck at the border if you forget about this detail. The answer is research mixed with patience, chatty disposition and friendly attitude.

Provide them with comfort

If this is your fits time riding with a dog, you probably don’t know how to make them cozy and safe on a bike. However, in most cases, all you need to do is look into practical motorcycle carry racks that attach to your bike’s tail and can be fitted with various specialized dog carriers. These carry racks come in all sizes, models and materials, so you can choose something that best fits your bike, dog and style of riding. When it comes to dog carriers, smaller pooches can fit into tail bags and special doggy tents, while larger breeds will require a custom seat or even a sidecar.

Dress the part

While it’s super fun to see dog’s fur flowing in the wind, leaving them “naked” on a bike is not recommended. Dogs will get cold without essential gear just like you, so get your pooch a doggy jacket or sweater. Also, safety first, so doggy goggles are a must to keep their eyes safe from dust, wind and nasty bugs. A specialized dog helmet is also necessary since it will cushion the blow in case you have an accident.

Adjust your stops to your dog

When riding with your dog, you have to adjust your pace to your dog’s needs. You might enjoy riding for hours before stopping, but your dog certainly feels differently. You know your pup’s bladder best, so time your routes accordingly. Most riders choose to feed and water their dog at gas stations, but that’s a horrible habit. What’s a dog supposed to do and see there? Instead, go searching for scent-rich destinations like fields and grassy turnouts where you can feed and water your dog, allow them to stretch their paws and get plenty of natural sights and smells.

Expect a lot of attention

Make sure to arm yourself with patience when riding with your dog. Even if you’re a big bad biker, if you have a dog on your bike, people will see you as more approachable and want to take photos. Be patient but don’t let anyone touch your dog, especially while it’s secured in his seat—it has nowhere to run if it feels in danger, so it might resort to biting. Also, people on the road will want to take photos while driving, so make sure to be extra careful when you see someone grabbing their phone on the highway to shoot an Instagram story.

If you prepare for your trip with all the tips above on your mind, you and your dog will have a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. Make sure to be patient and understanding towards your dog, respect its needs and wants and provide them with plenty of healthy treats along the way. Do so, and this will not be your last motorcycling adventure together!

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