How To Pick The Best Life Jackets For Dogs

  • 18/12/2019
lifejacket.jpgDogs, just like humans, can be great swimmers (especially if their breed has always been trained to swim). However, not all of them are great at it, and even the best of them could use some additional support in the water. This website explains why.

Life vests are a great solution.

These can be useful whether you’re going on a longer boating trip or just enjoying some fun time at the lake. Especially so if your dog is older, has low body fat or some mobility issues. Life vests are also helpful if they are just learning to swim.

What To Look for When You Want The Best Life Jacket for Your Dog?

Of course, when you’re not an expert, you can’t be sure what kind of life jacket would be best for your furry friend. No worries! Here’s a handy guide to what you should look for:

●      Bright Colors: This is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also very important for your dog’s safety. You see if you put them in a life jacket that has muted colors, you will be less likely to notice them if an accident happens. However, it’s a lot easier to notice colorful life jackets, especially if those colors are neon and made of reflective materials.

●      Size: The next thing you’ll probably look at when purchasing a life jacket is the size. This is very important as well since the right size vest won’t be able to slip off your pup in the water. The life jacket shouldn’t be too tight either. You want them to be comfortable. This means that they should be able to sit and lay properly in their life jackets, as well as relieve themselves.
For the most accurate size, measure their torso, and girth.

●      Floatation: Normally, you want the life vest to keep your dog safely above the water. So, you should look for life vests that have floatation around the neck to keep their heads afloat. Best life jackets offer floatation around the belly, on the sides, and on the back.

●      Handles: Life vests can get quite slippery, so having those handles is very important. Make sure that they are strong and securely attached to the life vest. Keep in mind that while they can certainly be used as a harness for mobility-impaired or older dogs, you should find ones that have specifically been made for that purpose.
Remember that just because your pooch is older or has mobility issues, you shouldn’t avoid water. In fact, hydrotherapy is recommended for them.

Read more about it here:

Other Things To Look At When Picking The Best Life Jacket for Your Dog

Rather than just looking at these four elements of good life jackets, you can expand your research to include reviews and effectiveness of the life vest.

Reading about the experience people have had with a life jacket you want can help you understand it better. For example, you can learn a lot about the quality of the life jacket in question. Some life jackets are made with poor materials and previous customers will report on this. You don’t want to buy a new life vest every time you venture out on your boat.

The materials should also be pup-friendly. This means nothing that can harm their fur or skin or cause them any harm. The best dog life jackets will have excellent reviews and tons of happy customers. You’ll be able to read about what previous customers liked or didn’t like as well. They may even offer some tips for maintenance, which is always useful.

On a side note, if your dog likes to chew, make sure that the life vest you buy doesn’t have any loose straps or similar things they can get in their mouths.

Finding The Perfect Size of The Dog Life Jacket

Naturally, the first thing to look at when picking the right size is the size of your dog. Small breeds will need smaller vests while big breeds will need bigger vests. For instance, Pugs and German Sheppards need completely different life jacket sizes.

Some brands offer adjustable vests, which is a good option because you are less likely to make a mistake in size. Adjustable life jackets are also a good idea when your pup is growing, but you know it won’t grow too much over a certain period of time.

Of course, the best way to get it right is to measure them. This is especially true if a life jacket you want isn’t adjustable.

Easing Into The Life Jacket

If your dog isn’t used to dressing up, life jacket experience may be too much for them. Even the most fashionable pooches out there might have issues with their life jackets. Especially so if you try to force them in it when you’re already on the water. You’ll have a scared and frustrated pup on your hands.

This is why it’s crucial for you to ease them into it.

Start a few days before you head out to a beach or your boat. When you buy it or when it arrives, unwrap it and show it to them in a relaxed manner. They should be able to smell it and look at it for a few minutes.

Then, put their vest on just loosely and play with them, give them attention and treats. They will realize that being in a vest is a good thing. If they start acting scared, reassure them and give plenty of treats as a reward for being in the vest.

When they are comfortable with it, let them move around in it. This will help them get acquainted with the vest and help you assess whether the vest is a good fit.

Repeat this every day, a few times a day (if you can find the time).

In the end, your furry friend will be ready to enjoy some fun times at the beach while still being safe.

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