How To Maintain Your Dog's Healthy Teeth Without Any Harm

  • 08/02/2017

If you think that it is not necessary to clean your pet’s teeth, you are wrong. Just like humans, it is necessary for dogs to have clean teeth most of the time. How would you feel if that dog is beautiful with bad breath or yellow teeth? It is something that you need to fix as a dog owner. It is not okay for you to ignore them because it can cause cavity and severe gum problems later on.

If not treated early, there is a chance that the teeth and gum problems of your dog may be getting worse than you originally expect. You cannot wait for the time that your dog’s teeth may get worse in months or years to come.

Without further ado, here’s how you can maintain the healthy teeth of your pet with no harm at all:

Step #1: Manipulate its mouth before you do full brushing of dog’s teeth

You should be more careful in doing this to your dog. It is not easy when you are going to do this for the first time. Once you are not careful in doing the exact safe steps to clean your dog’s teeth, the pet will bite your hand. It could be worse once your dog has no rabies vaccination. You must know how to manipulate its mouth first.  

There is no rush on your part, and make sure the place is a bit quiet where they cannot disturb you and your dog. To start things off, you should learn how to open the dog’s jaw slowly but surely. Parting the dog’s lips could help you open the jaw quickly.

Step #2: Let your dog sniff and lick some stuff first

Grab some peanut butter and put some of it on your finger. The purpose of this is to let your dog taste until it starts to open jaws widely. Put your finger slowly and gently in the dog’s mouth. As the dog smells the peanut butter, expect that it will lick from your finger. Continue doing that for a few times until the dog likes the peanut butter. After the peanut butter, it is time for you to prepare the brushing supplies.

Step #3: Prepare your dog brushing supplies immediately

For you to prepare the brushing supplies, you need to make sure that it is specialized for canines. The toothbrush should be small and can fit well in your dog’s mouth. As for the toothpaste, you cannot just put any brand that is only for humans. Remember that dogs are different than humans, so expect that there are some elements in the toothpaste that dogs aren’t allowed. Once you have prepared the brushing supplies, it is time for you to put the toothpaste in the doggie toothbrush. Allow your dog to sniff it first before he or she starts to like it.

Step #4: Brush the teeth slowly in circular motion

Could you replace it to "After the dog likes the smell, rub its teeth slowly with your best dog toothpaste. It is better for you to move the lips aside when starting to brush the pet’s teeth. For better results, you should clean it in circular motion slowly but surely. It is one of the best ways for your dog to experience painless brushing to clean its teeth. If possible, you can re-apply the toothpaste if it is not enough to clean the dog’s teeth. You can only re-apply if your dog likes the taste of the doggie toothpaste that you are providing. Try this for a few days until the dog starts to like what you are doing. Slowly and gently, try to brush its back teeth by controlling its jaw smoothly and slowly. If it is not easy and straightforward for you to brush its back teeth, don’t worry if it is not going well on your part. After all, the experience is your best teacher.

Step #5: Do not forget to reward the dog after brushing

Lastly, never forget to reward your dog after brushing its teeth successfully. It's either you can take a walk, play with your dog, and so on. When a dog obeys your commands, you must give rewards in any way.

Most importantly, spend some time to consult with a local veterinarian or animal doctor. For sure, they will give you professional advice when it comes to brushing your dog’s teeth. You can even ask the vet to give you a demonstration about dog brushing so that you can learn in an actual way.

About the author

Jeff Caceres is a guy who loves to play with dogs for fun during spare time. He and his family own 7 dogs, including a senior fluffy mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese. For more information about dog tips, advice, health and training, visit the Love The Woof blog.

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