How To Keep Dog Ticks Under Control

  • 09/09/2020

Dog ticks, a species of arachnid, feed on blood and can transmit serious illnesses such as Lyme disease and tick fever to dogs and people. They also cause skin irritation, and if an infestation gets out of control, anaemia could result.

Consult Vet

To manage dog ticks, ask your vet about dog ticks removal treatment designed to be applied monthly to an area your dog cannot reach by licking (usually around the skin between the shoulder blades). Such treatments kill dog ticks within hours of contact on the dog’s coat.

Take Care of Dog’s Environment

Because ticks also live and lay eggs in places such as fields, under rocks and in crevices, treat surroundings, furniture and dog bedding occasionally with an insecticide control. After taking dogs on walks, check thoroughly to make sure no parasites have attached themselves.

Whenever you find a tick, regardless or its size, whether it is one of the small reddish-brown ones or a bloated grayish one, do not attempt to squeeze or crush it. This may release its eggs and any viruses it is carrying into the environment.

Don’t Use Hot Matches

Most importantly, do not even attempt to kill the ticks using hot matches. Believe it or not, this is the most unsound and dangerous advice from one ignorant dog owner to another. For all you know, you may accidentally burn your dog instead, if not setting yourself on fire!

Be Careful with a Residual Spray

While some dog owners or professional dog groomers would advise removing attached dog ticks by killing them with a residual spray, then picking the dead ticks off with tweezers or just pulling them out with your bare fingers. However, the latter method often means that the tick’s mouth parts remain embedded in the dog’s skin, irritating it.

Clean the Bite

Whichever method you use, remember to clean the bite and apply anti-itch medicated spray or cream on the affected areas. Some readers wrote in and asked my opinions on flea and tick shampoo and collar. Here’s what I said to them and will always advocate.

Use Tick Shampoo

Only use tick shampoo for dogs during hot seasons on badly infected dogs, otherwise regular dog shampoo is pretty sufficient to get rid of dog ticks provided you follow the above steps.

Make Your Dog Healthy

As for flea and tick collars, personally I never have any success with them. And I rarely hear any positive results from groomers, vets and show dog judges either. Again, if you use these items I listed below religiously, not only could you get rid of dog ticks efficiently but also keep them well under control. And should you ever have to leave your dear friend in a dog boarding kennel for a few days while you are on summer vacations, no problem.

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