How To Help Your Dog Get Over His Fear Of The Vacuum Cleaner

  • 28/01/2019

It doesn’t matter how fearless your dog may be, there are certain things that can make your furry friend turn into a quivering wreck. Thunder, vacuum cleaners and other loud noises are common reasons for your dog’s fear.

Dogs get scared of things that are unfamiliar or confusing to them, and the vacuum cleaner is a perfect example of this. To you, a vacuum cleaner is a tool that you use to clean your floors. To a dog, a vacuum cleaner is a powerful, noisy monster that appears out of nowhere and moves towards them at speed.

The key to getting your dog and vacuum cleaner to live harmoniously together is to teach him that there is nothing to worry about.

Understanding Where the Fear Comes From

To help your canine pet to get over his fear of the vacuum cleaner, we have to first understand where this fear comes from.

The main reason is the noise. Vacuum cleaners emit a very loud noise, and dogs associate loud noises with danger. This is why thunderstorms and fireworks night are testing times for many dog owners. Along with the loud noises, vacuums can also give out very high-pitched noises, and dogs are much more sensitive to high-pitched noises than humans.

An Easy Process to Train Your Dog

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and they can be trained to do just about anything with the correct method and lots of patience. It is entirely possible to train your dog to not be scared of the vacuum cleaner with a few simple tricks.

Sit with your dog in a room, and have someone start the vacuum cleaner in another room, close enough so that your dog can hear it. When the vacuum starts, give your dog a treat and give him lots of reassurance while the vacuum is running. Repeat this process every 5 minutes and do it about 4-5 times.

Repeat this daily (or as much as possible) over a period of a few weeks and you should begin to see some improvements. Gradually bring the vacuum cleaner closer to your dog, and repeat the steps until your dog is comfortable with the vacuum cleaner in the same room.

Once your dog starts to associate the vacuum cleaner with food, he will start to relax and actually look forward to hearing it. It is important not to rush this process as all dogs behave differently. The whole process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

When you start vacuuming while your dog is asleep in the same room and he doesn’t even flinch, you will be amazed. You have successfully helped your dog get over his fear of the vacuum cleaner. He will thank you forever! 

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