How to Help Your Dog Beat The Summer Heat

  • 02/07/2018

Hot weather makes most people exhausted and unwilling to do different activities. The risk of having heat stroke is equally possible for both humans and dogs. There are many signs of a heat stroke and they include vomiting, seizures, excessive panting and their consequences can be fatal. Therefore, you can only imagine how your little friend feels like during hot summer days, since they aren't able to perspire. The short-nosed dogs and the young ones are highly sensitive, same as very old dogs. Here are some of the ways that will help your fellow survive the summer heat.

Provide enough water

Your dog needs to stay hydrated, no matter how big or old it is. Provide him with a shady area and prepare multiple bowls of fresh and cold water and place them on shady spots. Try spraying his house so he can lay down in a cool spot. You could also cool your furry mate by using air conditioning or fans, but keep in mind they shouldn't be directly exposed to the device in order to avoid colds and ear infections.

The right diet matters

A dog's appetite in the summer gets suppressed, so he refuses to eat his favourite meals. You should follow his appetite level and accordingly decrease his daily portions. The meals shouldn't be cold since they are not good for his stomach, and the best food you can offer your dog are proteins, such as eggs, yoghurt, beef or liver.

Get him one of these

Purchase your dog a cooling vest as they are designed with special materials that can help accelerate the removal of heat from your dog. They keep your dog's fur dry and cool. These are also easy to use, and the only thing you need to do is dip a vest in cold or cool water and put it on your dog. If it dries out while you are still walking your dog, you could pour more water on the vest. Also, dog cooling beds would be a great idea, because these are made of memory foam infused with gel, which will help them cool down.

Brush and bathe your dog often

Neat and clean fur will cool down the dog and protect him from the sun, but if you really want to trim him, always leave a little hair just to make sure that the skin is not directly exposed to the sun. Also, for keeping your pet healthy, you should provide him with various dog supplies that can help with flea and tick treatments, or supplements for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Paw protection

You should take your dog for a walk either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is how you will lessen the pain of walking on the hot pavement in the middle of the day. What's more, dog socks or boots will help and protect their paws from the burn.

Cars are dangerous

You should never leave your dog unattended in a parked car, even if you have left a window open because the car temperature could rise very high in just a couple of minutes. Why risk your dog's life when you can simply leave him at home, while you are shopping or going somewhere else.

The pleasure of water

Every dog enjoys playing with water, and it would be great if you could get a baby pool to splash around in it together. Not only would this be fun for both of you, but it would definitely help lower your pet's body temperature.

Now that you have read these summer tips, you and your furry friend can breathe more easily.

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