How To Get Your Home And Your Family Ready For A Puppy

  • 05/07/2019

Getting a puppy is one of the best things you can do for your family. You and your kids will get a new family member that will bring so much joy to your lives it’s unbelievable! However, before your puppy settles and you get completely comfortable with an animal in the house, here are a few prep things you must do.

Reduce stress by providing company

The day you bring your puppy home is very exciting, but also very stressful for the pup. This means your little girl or boy are leaving its brothers and sisters and its mom and embarking on an adventure with unfamiliar people. In order to reduce the stress of traveling and arriving in a new environment, make sure to use a soft voice to talk to your puppy and bring a piece of its old blanket. Familiar scents will make the dog feel more comfortable during the first few days.

Take it easy with greetings

Once you arrive home, your household should be calm and happy when they see the dog. However, don’t invite your entire neighborhood to meet the dog right away! Keep the greeters to a minimum, allow the puppy to play and sleep when it wants. During the first few days, ensure the puppy eats and drinks water and don’t be lazy to take it outside often for pee and poop breaks.

Provide safety

Puppies will get into things no matter how much you try. So, you’ll have to change your habits and provide your new dog with extra safety. Think toddler gates, especially at the bottom or top of the stairs. Until your pup learns upstairs is a no-go zone or until it learns to go up and down nicely and safely, it’s best to keep these dangerous areas locked. Keep all the harmful chemicals locked or hidden on a top shelf. Puppies will eat anything and everything from tide pods to pest poison, so make sure your pup can’t reach anything dangerous.

Make it cool

So one of the first things you need to do is ensure cozy temperature in your home. Some breeds like huskies, bulldogs and Pomeranians are especially sensitive to heat thanks to their thick coat or their short muzzles. So, if you live somewhere very hot like Australia, make sure to provide your dog with a fresh and cozy place to spend the day. Luckily, you can find an amazing electrician in Sydney who can install your air conditioner and provide you and your pup with pleasant temperatures all year round. A professional will ensure your unit is placed in a right spot and without too much fuss to disturb your pup!        

Boost comfort

While young puppies will sleep anywhere, once they get older, they will start to notice what’s comfortable and what’s not. So, grabbing a good dog before your pup arrives will give it a soft and secure place to sleep and rest. This spot will be just his or hers so it will always awaken safety and security. Just make sure the bed is big enough to welcome your pup even after it grows up. Also, choose a kind that’s durable and washable. Your pup also needs a crate that will not only come in handy during transportation but also provide a safe space any time your dog needs a little peace and quiet. Ensure to grab a model that allows your dog to stand up and turn around comfortably.

Battle accidents

New puppies will have accidents no matter how much you try to avoid them. So, no matter if you’re planning on using absorbent pads or taking your pup outside to do its business, you’ll need something to clean up the accidents. Stock up on newspaper and paper towels, since you’ll need them all around the house for various things. Additionally, puppies are very curious and bite-y, so make sure to remove all electrical cords and other things that might look appetizing to the dog. There are special cord protectors that will keep your electronics protected at least until your puppy learns better.

Provide contact

Unless you have plenty of experience with dogs, you might want to keep these few things in mind. Ensure you’re spending enough time with your puppy petting it, cuddling it and talking to it. This will get the dog used to your presence, voice and touch. While your dog is small and harmless, do take the opportunity to touch all the sensitive zones like paws, ears, mouth and tail. When your pup gets used to your handling those body parts it will be much easier to brush its teeth, clean its ears and trim its nails in the future.

If you prepare your house right and educate your house members, your dog will have an amazing first few days at its forever home. If you do everything right, you’ll be a step closer to having a dream companion!

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