How To Deal With Your Dog Peeing In Your House

  • 11/06/2019

Are you fighting with the age-old challenge of your dog peeing in your home? Why does she pee on the carpet? She is older and incontinent and peeing in or on her dog bed? Perhaps you have a male dog who is always marking his territory by peeing on your furniture legs.

So how do we deal with this problem? You need to attack it on more than one front at a time. First, you need to clean up the mess, get rid of the odor and/or the stain. Secondly, you need to understand why your dog is doing this and if possible, change the behavior.

Cleaning up the Mess

Clean up right away. Don’t let the wet spot dry no matter where it is. It could be that he marked a chair leg or table leg. It could be that she just peed in the middle of the floor. Whatever it is you need to clean it up right away. You’ll want to blot the area with a paper towel, training pads with charcoal filter or newspaper. Blot the area do not rub it and make sure all the moisture is gone. You might want to spay an anti pee scent there.

If your dog is incontinent and pees in their bed you will want to purchase a machine washable dog bed. If your dog pees on the furniture get covers or don’t allow him on the furniture. Move stuff that you would not want to be ruined out of the way while you work on why your dog is doing this.

The other thing you can do while working on changing your dog’s behavior is to find out if there is a medical reason for his peeing. If not, you need to deal with the behavior and why it is happening.

Changing the Behavior

First, you have to work with your vet to understand what is happening. If it is separation anxiety, stress, territory marking, fear or lack of cohesive training.  Whatever it is will have to be addressed in order to deal with the issue and help your dog to be under control. He or she is not happy with her own behavior. They don’t want to be peeing in the wrong place.

Working together with your veterinarian, you should be able to find out what the issue is caused by and how to go about rectifying it. The one thing to remember is not to punish your dog for this behavior. It is not their “fault”, whatever the underlying reason. Perhaps medication will help or retraining. It is however very important that you get the area cleaned to the point of no odor remaining. If your dog scents any other dog’s urine in that area, he will continue to pee there.


You can deal with your dog peeing in the house by making sure wherever he pees is clean as possible with no odor and then you can retrain your dog.

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