How To Clean Pet Hair

  • 05/04/2019

Your furry friend, a cat or dog, can be a source of joy for you and your family. They can cheer you up when you are down, they can guard your home, they can make cute faces, and they can just simply stare at you like you are the centre of their universe.

This is all great and there’s a lot of advantages when you have a pet at home. However, there are certain drawbacks that many pet owners experience. These include properly cleaning the living room from pet hairs and making sure that the kitty litter is always empty. You can click this link to know more about pet hairs. It can cause unwanted allergies or asthma, and no one really likes to sit on a couch that is filled with cat fur.

If you are one of the pet lovers who love to let their pets inside the home, the good news is that their furs or hairs should not be an issue between your relationship with them. You can get a good vacuum cleaner to clean your living room or any parts of the house thoroughly from pet hairs.

Tips on How to Clean Pet Hair

1. Find the Right Places to Vacuum

This means that you don’t have to vacuum your entire house. You just need to find the space where your pet usually rests and then clean the area around it. These areas can include places such as your living room couch, your bed, the carpets, and other inaccessible places where you can usually find your pet.

There are also other places that do not receive enough flow of air which can lead to hair accumulation. These are the areas where you can see too much pet hairs. Pets can rest under your wardrobes if there is enough space for them to fit in, as well as around lamps, laundry baskets, and chairs. Make sure to get vacuum cleaners that can properly access these areas to ensure cleanliness. You can also check the basements, door hinges, and cornered areas to ensure that everything is properly vacuumed.

2. Get the Right Vacuum

If you are looking for the right vacuum, the good news is that there are a lot of them available in the market today. There are also sites that offer the best vacuum pet hair guide that you can search in order to know which one will fit your needs. Some of these tools have accessories and tools that can help you clean corners and other hard to reach places where pet hair can be found. There are high-efficiency particulate arresting vacuums that do not blow hairs back and forth in an area. Once the hairs are inside the vacuum, there’s no chance for them to go back to your couch or carpets.

A good candidate for a vacuum cleaner includes a powerful suction tool that will make the hairs go out of the surface. If you are living in a non-carpeted house, you can try to mop the floors instead of vacuuming it especially if you have hardwood flooring. Do not sweep the hairs using brooms since they will just tend to dander in the air.

If your pet has a tendency to sleep in inaccessible areas or hard to reach surfaces, then here are some solutions for you:

Brush Accessories

This can help you a lot when you are cleaning your baseboards, the areas under your drawers or tables, and other corners of the house. The brush should have soft bristles and they should be able to completely clean some surfaces including your bookshelves.


Vacuums with scrubs can help you a lot when it comes to your furniture. Some pets may tend to stay inside the cabinets, beds, or carpets. If they have their own beds, you can still use the vacuum with scrubs to convert the hairs into balls in order to easily suck them in the vacuum.

Attachment for Stairs

Some pets especially cats love to sleep for an hour or two on stair steps. If your pet behaves like this, you will be able to clean the stairs using an attachment in the vacuum. This kind of attachment is shaped like a rectangle that is ideal for more in-depth cleaning of staircases and their surrounding areas including furniture, curtains, and more. Know more about vacuum cleaner and accessories in this site:

What to Do While Vacuuming

Make sure that you do not miss any trapped hairs that can be found buried deep in your carpets. You should just focus on the areas where your pet usually spends a lot of his time. The cleaning should be twice or thrice a week.

If you are cleaning coffee tables, dressers, organizers, and vanities, you must make sure that your vacuum is equipped with accessories that specialize in these types of areas. You can also use damp clothes in order to scrub the surfaces of the areas instead of just wiping the tables.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your pet’s hair should be easy with the help of the right vacuum. Your pet’s hair should not be a deal breaker. You can still enjoy their companies while making sure that you and your family is not suffering from any kinds of asthma or allergies. You can search for the right vacuum online or on your local stores to maintain cleanliness in your home.

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