How Lockdown Effects On Your Pet Behaviour And How To Deal With It

  • 10/03/2021
lockdown-behaviour.jpgThe concept of lockdown is so hard for everyone and if you think that just humans are suffering then you might not be right. Most people have pets in their home that need to roam outside but the situations are so hard that pet parents prefer to keep the pets inside. There is no wonder why we don’t want to take the risk of walking the pet outside the home. Even if there are already Corona vaccines for pets but still you cannot let them walk outside as you cannot step outside.

The worst thing about lockdown is sitting inside the house and doing nothing. Most people have a single pet in their home so your pet has no one to play with. This situation is hard for you but you can at least talk to your loved ones and do some work in your home but your pet can’t do it. You have to believe the fact that the situation of lockdown is worst for your pets and this is giving them mental stress. If you would notice your pet then you would get to see behavior changes in your pet.

There are chances that your pet might be suffering from mental stress that you can calm down. This is the time when you have to support your pet so that the situation could become a bit light for the pet. This would not be easy but there are some smart ways as well. Here we would know how lockdown affects your pet behavior and how you can deal with it perfectly:

Have a good home routine for your pet:

Lockdown is a very serious time when all the routine gets mixed but that should not be the case with your pet. You should be very strict with the home routine of your pet. A good routine would make sure that your pet is healthy in both mental and physical ways. You should also give some quiet time to your pet so that your pet can relax a bit. This time is tough but together you and your pet can have good quality time which is just so amazing.

Some mental games would help a lot in this case:

Mental games are the best way to keep your pet calm during this stressful time. There are so many different mental games that you can try with your pet. These mental games would also make your pet intelligent which is an amazing thing for sure. This is the time when you can teach your pet some small tricks and stunts. This is the time when you would be able to spend most of your time with your pet so you both can enjoy this time together.

Try to keep the routine normal as much as possible:

There are so many things that your pet does in a day other than going outside for a walk. You have to make sure to keep most part of the day normal. You have to create a separate poop and pee place for your pet. You also have to train your pet to use the specific poop and pee place during the lockdown time.

Keep your behaviour normal towards your pet:

Being frustrated is so normal during this time and so you might lose your mind at some point in time. You have to understand one simple thing that your pet would do some mischievous thing but you have to be cool. You can try to discipline your pet but punishing your pet during this time is a big no. You should be extra careful towards your pet during this time of lockdown.

A good diet is very important during this time:

Your pet is already depressed and so it might not want to have too much food. This can make the health of your pet worse and that you might not want for sure.There are many ways to keep your pet healthy. It is the time for you when you should prepare a good diet plan for your pet as that would help a lot. The diet should have all the necessary nutrients while you should also include some favorite natural treats for your dog.

Some game time in the home would help a lot:

It is true that you cannot take your pet out during the lockdown time but you cannot ignore the need for exercise for your pet. You can plan for a good workout routine or game at home. If you have an open terrace or garden then things would be great for you as your pet would be able to spend some time there. You can play find the treat game with your pet where the pet has to search for the treat. The fetch game is also good for some pets that you should try out for sure.

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