Hot Weather Dogs - Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

  • 25/03/2019

No matter if fluffy or short-haired, big or small, most pups can live very pleasantly in the heat if they get proper protection and care. With that in mind, know that all our doggy friends benefit from a bit of pampering in the summer. So, if you want to make every summer fun and pleasant for your pet, here are a few tips on keeping dogs cool when the weather is hot.

Watch when you go out

Pups need to go out no matter what the weather is like outside. However, make sure to limit your walks when it’s especially hot and humid. Practice morning or evening walks when the weather is more moderate and pleasant. And, before you hit the pavement, check it for heat. If it’s too hot for your palm, it’s too hot for little paws as well, so either try dog booties for heat protection or choose to walk on the grass and dirt.

Create a cooling breeze

Even the slightest cooling breeze makes the heat more bearable. So, if you know your dog loves to chill on the patio or near the window, make sure to place a window or shop fan to create some air circulation. This will not only help your pup but also make your summers more tolerable—a cooling breeze in the afternoon can make all the difference both for dogs and humans.

Provide some shade

If your dog has a favourite spot outside for relaxation, guarding duties or squirrel watching, make sure it’s comfortable by providing it with some cooling shade. Not all of us can afford natural shade provided by trees, so we need to improvise. Luckily, you can grab a practical cantilever umbrella and give your backyard, patio or deck some much-needed sun protection. Plus, these umbrellas look very stylish and modern, so you can also reap some aesthetic benefits! And, when the summer heat loses its intensity, you can quickly and easily put it away, so you and your pooch can soak up the sun.

Try some mist

While plunging into a pool might look super attractive to both you and your dog, sudden temperature changes can cause health issues. So, even if you have a pool, you might want to take it easy and start with a light mist. You can easily install a mist-making attachment to your water supply and provide your pup with a light mist that will keep it cool yet safe. These misters can be found in every DIY or home improvement centre and are fairly cheap. You can also find small sprayers with fans attached. These are great for cooling both people and dogs, so consider grabbing one if you love to spend time outside in the scorching heat.

Use a wet towel

If the weather is really extreme and you can’t bring your dog inside where it’s cool, a damp and chilled towel can come in very handy. Just throw it over your pup and repeat when the towel gets warm and dry. A bag of ice or frozen peas can also be used to cool the dog’s head or neck where big blood vessels pass.

Provide it with cool water

If you love a cold drink on a hot day, your pup will too. So, make sure to keep their water supply fresh and cool by replenishing and even adding ice to the bowl. If you’re up for making some cooling treats, most dogs love frozen Popsicles and smoothies. Some dogs aren’t really interested in fruity flavours, so you can use plain water with a splash of beef or chicken bouillon. It might not be your favourite, but your pup will certainly love it!

Practice good grooming

If you have a long-haired dog, make sure their fur is free of tangles, mats and dead hair. However, don’t shave their fur before consulting a vet or an experienced groomer. Fur is great insulation and it can often keep your pup cool in the summer. Shaving can damage your dog’s fur, especially if you have a double-coated pup. On the other hand, some breeds that don’t shed can benefit from a nice summer haircut (poodle or bichon frise).

Have regular pet visits

Many viruses spread in hot weather and you two probably spend more time outside with other pets and critters, so make sure to keep your dog’s shots up to date in the summer. Additionally, summer is the ideal period for fleas and mosquitoes which are not only super annoying but also spread many diseases. So, ensure your pet gets regular medication to keep heartworm at bay.

Remember, if it’s just too hot to be outside for you, your dog probably feels the same. Some days are best spent chilling indoors or somewhere in the shade instead of taking a long walk and risking a heat stroke. If your dog shows any signs of overheating, make sure to cool them off and seek immediate medical attention.

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