Give Your Dog A Great Night's Sleep

  • 19/09/2020
dog-bed.jpgDogs are wonderful creatures aren’t they? They give us unconditional love, and never judge us. It stands to reason that we want to spoil them, and treat them in return.

Their days are generally quite busy, filled with playing, going on walks, and guarding your house. Even if you are not at home with them all the time, a dog seldom relaxes until their human is home with them, and they can finally sleep.

Just like us, dogs have a preference for how and where they like to sleep, and have some place that they feel secure.

Also like us, a good night’s sleep is just as important for a dog. Sleep has the same benefits, of allowing the brain to fully relax and work through what has happened throughout the day, and also allowing the body to rest.

How can you help your dog have a great night’s sleep? Read on for some tips.

A Peaceful Environment

A dog generally needs peace and quiet in order to get some good quality sleep. Unless they are puppies or they are geriatric, most dogs are fairly light sleepers, and the smallest noise can disturb them.

Therefore, a quieter room is the best place to have your dog's bed, and also one that can be darkened, by turning the lights off and drawing the curtains to keep outside light to a minimum.

Some people prefer to have their dog sleeping in the same room, and even bed, as them. However, your tossing and turning throughout the night could be disturbing your dog, and given them broken sleep, so it’s advisable to have them in a different room.

There are some sprays and plugins that emit pheromones that make your dog feel more secure, so it might be worth investigating these to see if they can help your dog sleep.

Finding The Right Bed

Finding the right bed is key to helping your dog have a good night’s sleep. Like us, some beds may be more or less uncomfortable than others, so you may have to try a few before you find the one that suits your dog.

There are many different types of bed available, so do some research into what would suit your dog, places like do a great job of showcasing the different types of bed.

If your dog is slightly insecure, or likes to sleep curled up as small as possible, then a doughnut type bed, or an igloo type may suit them. These beds can make dogs feel more secure, by being surrounded on all sides, and in the case of the igloo bed, cover them from the top as well.

A bed should be big enough for your dog to be able to turn around with ease, sleep curled up, but also sleep completely stretched out, without coming off of the bed.

Some dogs will prefer a mattress type bed, allowing them to sleep fully stretched out, as this is how they feel more comfortable.

There are orthopaedic beds available, which have a special filling that takes the pressure off of the joints of your dog, and prevents them getting sore. These beds are particularly beneficial for older dogs who may have sore joints, or leaner dogs with more bony prominences, like greyhounds, for example.

For larger, hairier breeds, there are beds which are raised above the ground to allow air flow underneath, which helps to stop them from overheating.

Always have some blankers available to keep them warmer in the winter, and allow your dog to nest, if they want to.

You may want to invest in different types of bed to have in different areas of the house, so your dog has options of where to sleep, and different beds to suit their mood.

If you have more than one dog, make sure they have at least one bed each, as they may want their space sometimes.

A Secure Place To Sleep

A dog’s sleeping place should be somewhere they feel secure enough to be able to relax into sleep.

This means making sure that anyone within the house does not wake your dog up when they are sleeping.

Also, keep their bed away from busy areas of the house, somewhere they can go to when they need some space, and some peace.

Some people like to crate train their dog, which means having a crate they can go to to feel secure, and also sleep in.

A crate is never a place for punishment, but rather a den for your dog where they feel secure.

A crate must be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and stretch without touching the sides.

Putting a bed and some blankets in a crate will allow your dog to make it as comfortable as they can and feel like it is somewhere they can really be safe.

Exercise Is Important

Again, as with us, if your dog does nothing all day, they won’t be able to sleep well, as they haven’t burnt off all that excess energy.

Puppies in particular need lots of exercise to stimulate their inquisitive minds.

Ensure your dog has the proper amount of exercise during the day, and this will help them rest during the night.

However, if your dog is older, or has joint problems, then you should take care with how much exercise they have. If they have too much exercise then this could cause them pain, and not allow them to have good quality sleep.

If you are at all concerned, or don’t know how much exercise your dog should be getting, then consult your vet.

Hopefully this article has helped you with some tips on how to ensure your best friend gets a good night's sleep.

If your dog's sleeping pattern has changed, or you notice they have trouble sleeping or are sleeping more than normal, then it’s a good idea to take them to the vet for a check up.

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