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Feed Your Dog Easier With Automatic Dog Feeders

  • 18/04/2019
automatic-feeder.jpgDogs did not earn the epithet “man’s best friend” without any kind of proof or effort. Ever since the dawn of humans, we need companions as we continue our journey to survive. Other humans were always there to accompany us, but we learned to bond with other animals as well. Cats, in particular, have been a part of human households since the era of the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. However, dogs are considered to be one of the most helpful animals you can have at home. Cats were domesticated usually for just one purpose: To exterminate the rats that plague the rice fields and plantations. Dogs, on the other hand, serve as guards of the house, support hunting activities and helps in creating a safer environment in the community.

This is why even in the modern era, dogs continue to be very popular as household pets. According to, almost 90 million dogs live in American households since 2017. To read this article, click here. Even though there are still families who have dogs for hunting and guarding other animals (like sheep dogs), most of these dogs are kept for their companionship. Even when they are guarding your homesteads and ranches, dogs can still help in making a place more “homey” and creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Not only that, but dogs can also be great for children to play with especially with certain breeds like Golden Retrievers and Huskies. As long as there is sufficient supervision, they are wonderful and even protective of little children as they treat them like their own pups.

These are the reasons why it can be difficult for many dog owners to leave their dogs behind when they need to go somewhere. They have been a part of the family and it’s like leaving a child when you leave without them. According to psychology, dogs also feel distress when they are left behind by their owners. This is why some of them might feel slighted after they felt that their owners have abandoned them. After a few treats, they are back to their loyal, jolly selves and they will always be there for you. However, what would happen if you leave for a longer period? Who will feed them if you are not around? You can leave them with someone that you know like your parents or friends but they can also be unavailable. It is quite expensive to have a sitter with them, and it can also be difficult to trust them immediately.

We may have a solution for you.

Automatic dog feeders are new into the scene, but many people are getting interested with them. As the name suggests, these are devices that can be programmed to feed your pet at certain intervals. It is very convenient to have Bowls for Basset Hounds at times when you are not at home since it can feed your dog for you. There are a lot of models in the market for these devices and some websites even give you a list of the best feeders on sale in the internet like this site:

So why should you get an automatic feeder? Here are some of the advantages:

1. You can stay out for longer periods of time.

Having an automatic dog feeder in your house makes it easier for you to do your own tasks without thinking about your dog. You can go to work, and still be assured that your dog is well-fed. If there are emergencies as well and you cannot leave him or her with anyone, automatic dog feeders solve your problems. Just make sure that you know the capacity of your feeder before going out. There are feeders which can only hold up to 5 cups and you need to replenish immediately. Plan ahead and know the specs of your chosen apparatus so that your dog will not starve. Also, always buy from legitimate sources so that you will have minimal problems later on.

2. You can train your dog to respond to your voice.

There are feeding devices that can actually record your voice! As you program it, some models have inner microphones that can pick up your voice and use for a recording. Once it is already feeding time, your dog can pick up and identify your voice so that he or she will be guided to the feeder. As most dogs respond very well to training, they will hear your voice, and it will spark an instinct in them. It can become a routine for your dog to follow and you have unknowingly trained him or her to identify your voice. Isn’t that amazing? Learn more about how you can train your dog here.

3. It can also be healthy for the dog.

As these automatic feeders can be programmed to only release a portion of food for a designated time interval, your dog can be considered to be under a diet plan. This is really beneficial for dogs who have reached their limit with their weight. They might look cute, but all of that extra mass can actually be very harmful to your dog. Controlling their food intake as well as exercise can certainly help alleviate the situation. Also, having a routine is a good training activity for your dog. They will not hound you for food every time you are near. The automatic dog feeder can help you in reinforcing the routine.

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Roman Jay Almaza
Said this on 16/09/2021 At 12:07 pm

Simple but useful invention. 

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