Dog Depression – The Reasons And A Probable Cure

  • 04/07/2020

Is it possible for your pet dog to stay depressed? The answer is yes. Similar to humans, even dogs suffer from time to time from depression. Even though dogs don’t possess the human reasoning capacity, that doesn't deprive it from falling into depression. However, your pet dogs don't get depression as a complicated clinical disorder like humans. But they face a low energy and phase during the depression.

The signs of dog depression

You need to be very attentive to know whether your dog has depression or not? Usually, during the depression, your pet dog would become withdrawn from people around, lazy, and might also look and feel sad. There are a few dogs that will completely stop eating and start having energy issues. They will also lessen down their amounts of drinking water. And in such a situation they might develop ample physical ailments and even lose weight. Most dog owners want to find a solution to this. One of the alternative solutions to use for reducing depression is opting in for CBD treats.

Know the reasons for dog depression

Pet owners must know the reason for their dog's depression. Some of the probable causes are:

1.      Physical ailment

    If your dog is old and has developed several health issues, then it might get depressed. The best way to resolve this is by getting in touch with your veterinarian. You need to detect the root cause of the illness and remedy it at the earliest before things become severe. Hopefully, as your dog’s health condition improves, they will feel better and stop feeling depressed.

    2.      Sadness or grief

      Don't think that sadness or grief is for humans only! Dogs, too, can mourn the loss of fellow animal and human companions. It could be a neighbor's dog or a family member who is no longer living. It could also be that a family member has shifted to another location. When a dog loses an in-home playmate, they might be sad and depressed for a long time.

      3.      Any changes in the environment

        Have you, your family, and your pet dog moved to a new home? If yes, expect your pet dog to remain quiet and by themselves for a while. It takes time for a dog to get acclimatized to the owners' house. And when they have lived in one house for years and have to leave, it will create some trauma within them. There's no specific reason why this happens, but you have to let time heal things for your furry friend.

        4.      Fear can cause depression

          Like humans, even dogs can have phobias and deep-set fear that can make them depressed. Your pet dog might express fears in ways that are complex for you to interpret. It would make him/her retreat from every regular activity and be all by himself.

          If the core cause of depression is a health issue, the dog owners should seek specialized medical help! However, if it's about other reasons, like changing house or losing a playmate, dog owners should try and spend more time with their pet dogs. Other than dog edibles, they should also make use of CBD dog treats that helps to respond to the dog's brain receptors and bring in the sense of calm and balance. That will help your pet dog to come out of depression soon.

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