Do Cannabis-based Products For Dogs Make Good Sense?

  • 23/01/2019

Dogs need help with their health in just the same way as humans do. Supplementation is useful to both make-up for any dietary deficiencies and provides additional health benefits. Our four-legged friends aren’t so different. They too have a need to keep supple joints, muscles that respond as needed when they go from a walk to a run, and to keep their organs functioning well.

How Are Canine Cannabis Products Formulated?

With cannabis products for dogs, they’re designed with the cannabidiol (CBD) component of the cannabis plant. This is hemp which does not affect the brain in any way – it’s not psychedelic. The CBD portion has a minor amount of cannabinoids because dogs are naturally smaller than humans and therefore they tolerate a smaller dosage.

With Canna Companion’s doggie supplements, they’re made from hemp. There are small amounts of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD too, but this doesn’t affect their day-to-day mindset; just their state of wellness and functionality.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Supplements for Dogs?

The anecdotal results for dogs mostly come from dog owners who have tried out hemp products with their pet. It’s been found to help reduce the number and frequency of seizures, cut down on anxiety for worried pets, and reduce obvious pain.

For dogs that suffer from arthritic joints with difficulty getting around, it’s more obvious when they receive CBD supplements and are nimbler once again. When their dog suddenly finds the willingness to play ball when previously they felt too old or in too much discomfort to want to play, then it’s clear to their owner that the new supplementation is helping.

What Are the Delivery Mechanisms?

It’s not always the easiest thing to give a pet a supplement. It’s necessary to disguise it in order that they’ll take it down. It’s a good thing that CBD for dogs is sold in different form factors to help owners persuade their dog to help themselves by accepting it.

A tablet form is one form to purchase with these types of supplements. Inside a dog chew is another way. Capsules or tinctures in the form of drops into the mouth are other delivery options too.

It’s up to the individual pet owner to decide which method will work best with their dog.

Seeking Out a Reliable Source

Finding a dependable source for any supplements for your beloved pet is important. Not every factory produces CBD tablets for dogs from non-toxic sources free from pesticides. Producers have to be careful to use only the correct plant and to obtain the CBD and THC from it without mixing other contaminants. Also, pets won’t have a high tolerance for CBD and THC, which is why the strength is low. As a source of comparison, the strength of THC is usually in the region of 0.30% compared to 20% for new strains of a marijuana plant.

As the evidence mounts about the success of CDB for pets, it’s up to dog owners to choose which product makes sense for their furry friend. 

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