Complete Guide To Leaving A Dog At Home Alone

  • 28/01/2020
home-alone.jpgWe come to the juice of today's article: as far as we can we always carry our 4-legged friend with us, but sometimes it is inevitable to leave him alone at home, especially if you are not lucky enough to be able to take him with you to the office. There are a lot of opinions on this topic, and if you want to write an original one, then Online Writers Rating can help you to solve the problem and satisfy your need.

How can we get the dog used to being at home alone?

I know many friends who also have the problem of short detachment with crying, prolonged barking, destruction of objects and pillows.

Here are some tips to limit the dog's suffering and sense of loneliness when we are not there.

- Obviously for long periods it is always better to organize with family members or dog sitters who can stay with the dog. In addition, I always recommend, if the problem is serious, to contact a dog educator.

- First of all it is good to get the dog used to detachment from an early age, proceeding with small absences and then increasing them. For example, leave it alone for 5 minutes, then 10, then half an hour. Be careful, when you return, do not show too much enthusiasm so that he perceives your absence as normal.

- Habit is important. Try to always initially go out at the same times and in the same ways.

Do not play with your dog just before going out: staying away must not make us feel guilty and he must not combine the two events. It's okay to give the snack occasionally, but never as a reward because he must be alone.

- Close the door and leave the dog inside for a few minutes, always showing up and gradually getting to an hour. If he gets upset or barks, the right method is to ignore it and open the door only when he is calm and quiet. Getting used to the pet carrier is also important in the case of travel and holidays, so that it does not have problems entering it with peace and pleasure.

- There are still doubts about the question of how dogs perceive time. It is commonly known that he always lives in the present moment and therefore is unable to understand the passage of time. However, we know that time for them is marked by habits, by external phenomena (light, noise) by internal phenomena (hunger, pee, boredom).

- To this we add the study by the dog expert Alexandra Horowitz: dogs smell time, therefore a strong smell means new (= less time) while a weaker smell means older (= more time). So if we leave our garment to the dog and stay away for a long time, it will be able to measure the distance from us through the fading of the smell present in the garment itself.

These are simple tips, but I repeat that if you notice excessively anxious behavior in your dog, it is better to consult an expert (dog educator, behavioral veterinarian).

Frank Hamilton.jpgFrank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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