Are Stairs Or A Ramp Better For Dogs?

  • 11/02/2021
wet-dog-by-pool.jpegYou may not always have a fit dog or a good-sized dog that can jump and work freely through any obstacles. So, if you own a dog with arthritis problems, mobility issues, or a senior dog, maybe you should get a dog stair or a ramp. Moreover, if you have small dogs or breeds such as Corgis or Dachshunds, a ramp or stair can make their life easier.

On the contrary, if you have a large dog, constantly lifting and carrying him would be difficult for you. Fortunately, there are dog ramps and stairs for your beloved canine pal. Go through the following guidelines to pick the right product according to your dog’s needs.

Why do you Need Stairs or a Ramp for your Dog?

There are many reasons behind considering a stair or pool for your dogs. However, the following are the most common reasons you may want to check.

●      Small dogs cannot climb like the big ones. So, ramps or stairs become handy for them to climb cars, beds, above ground pools or any high areas.

●      Continuous jumping may cause stress on hips and joints, which may have long-term effects for the senior dogs.

●      Support is needed for dogs with back or hip problems.

●      Dogs with arthritis and senior dogs can get benefits from stairs or ramps.

Besides these, there are some other cases where a ramp or stairs may come in handy. For example, it may help the dogs to get into trucks and SUVs. However, stairs are highly essential for any kind of dog to climb any high places that they cannot jump easily.

Stairs or Ramp: Which one is Best for your Dog?

If you are in need of some sort of support for your dog, stairs or a ramp can come top to mind unanimously. However, you may not have a proper idea about these two, which may lead you to choose the wrong one. Although there is no significant distinctive difference between them, we also want to mention that every case is different. So, you should do a bit of research according to your dog’s needs.

If you have stairs in your home, your dog should be comfortable with stairs. So, you can buy portable small steps or stairs and carry them anywhere. However, you will also keep in mind that if your dog has joint problems or hip injuries, stairs might not be helpful for him.

On the other hand, if the dog is not familiar with stairs, a ramp is the best thing you can buy for him. Sometimes dogs cannot climb up or down the stairs made for the human. Therefore, it is necessary to know your dog before you buy the stairs or ramp.

Once you choose the option, you may want to choose the best stair or ramp for your furry buddy. Read on to select the best one.

How to Select the Right Stair for your Dog?

Dog stairs come in a variety of sizes and heights. However, the typical stairs come with 2 to 4 steps. That being said, some factors you should consider while choosing the stair for your dog. Following are the key components.

●      Measure your dog.

●      Research on the internet what other dog owners say about that particular dog and the size.

●      Decide where your dog is climbing most, the car, bed, pool, etc.

●      The height of your dog’s steps and the weight.

●      Depth and width of the stair.

●      Used material.

●      The grip on the bottom.

Pros of Dog Stairs

●      Don’t take much space.

●      Can be placed anywhere.

●      You can carry.

●      It can be used for vehicles.


●      It may not be sturdy. You will need to check the material to know the reliability.

●      Dogs with arthritis and joint pain may get difficulties.

How to Select the Right Ramp for your Dog?

Dog ramps may look unusual; however, ramps are beneficial for larger dogs as well as elderly ones who have issues with joints and hips. Besides, the ramps are highly essential for a dog to get in and out of the pool. For example, above ground pool ramp is a must-have tool for your dogs if you have the above ground pool, which helps your dog access the pool water and safely get out of the pool.

While selecting the dog ramp, some factors are needed to take into consideration.

●      How higher your dog usually climbs, if the reach is higher, you will need a longer ramp.

●      Measure the heights of the places your dog usually climbs, which will help you to calculate the slopes. Usually, ramps are two feet or higher.

●      Consider the width of the ramp.

●      Look at the grips.

Pros of Dog Ramps

●      Helpful for the dog with arthritis.

●      Dogs with back pain will love it.

●      Perfect for the long dogs.

●      Dogs with joint pain can get benefited from it.

●      Smaller dogs can climb it easily.

●      Ramps are lightweight and portable; therefore, they can be carried anywhere.


Which one should you choose? It completely depends on the owner and the observation of the dog. That is why proper research and observation are a must. With our guidelines and observation, you will get acquainted with your dog’s needs. And then, you can choose the ultimate helping for your dog’s feet.

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