A Brief Guide On Cat Grass

  • 22/02/2022
pet-grass.jpgYou might be new to having a cat pet and still getting used to taking care of it. When you visit the pet store, you may wonder why you need grass for your pet. Domestic pets eat grass just like wild animals despite having a carnivore diet. Many experienced cat owners cultivate grass for their pets just because they love it.

Where Does Cat Grass Come from?

Cat grass is made so that cats can safely consume it and benefit from the ingredients. It is typically grown from barley, oat, rye, wheat, or alfalfa seeds.

Some people confuse cat grass with being similar to catnip. Euphoric effects and behavioral changes are seen in cats after catnip consumption. In contrast, cat grass is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and minerals to improve cats' overall health.

Where can you get Cat Grass?

You can easily get cat grass from an online store or buy it from a local pet store. You can grow your cat grass by buying seeds as an alternative option.

It is quite easy to grow as you only need to provide enough water and sunlight. It can ensure safe and organic grass for your cat to consume. If your cat mostly stays indoor, keep household plants away from reach as some of them might be dangerous for your pet.

Tips to Grow Cat Grass

For efficient and people growth of your cat grass, follow the instructions given on the packet you buy. Some of the common and useful tips and instructions are as follows:

●        Make sure to keep the seeds damp but not immersed fully in water.

●        Wait for three days to a week for the seeds to sprout. Use less water once it begins to grow.

●        Give your cat access to the grass after 10 to 15 days when the grass grows a few inches.

●        If you give the grass sunlight and water it daily, it can last up to a few weeks.

●        Make sure to look for signs that indicate that the cat grass is now not suitable for your pet. Like when it begins wilting or changes color.

●        Start planting the seeds again in a new container.

Difference Between Cat Grass and Outdoor Grass

When your cat is free to roam outside, there are high chances it could become ill. Outdoor lawns have harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. It can be poisonous to your cat if ingested. As a safe alternative, you can grow cat grass indoors to prevent it from eating outside.

Types of Cat Grass

There are many types of cat grass available in the market with nutritional value. You can give your cat each kind and see what suits their preference and health requirements. Let's look at some of the most used cat grass kinds.

●        Oat grass is known to have the most flavor. It serves as a rich source of protein and soluble fiber.

●        Ryegrass is a long-lasting cat grass.

●        Barley grass is the sweetest and provides a good source of fiber and nutrients.

●        Wheatgrass is the best type as it contains various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Why do Cats Love Cat Grass?

Since many cats enjoy chewing on grasses, it is a good meal. Moreover, cat grass provides numerous health benefits that are not fulfilled by their carnivore diet.

Now let's talk about the endless benefits of cat grass for cats.

Relieves Indigestion

Chewing on grasses can cause cats to vomit out the ingestible parts of the foods they eat. It could include small animals, hair, bones, and feathers, which are indigestible by cats. Since cat grass is high in fiber, it helps eliminate such indigestible foods from the stomach.

Prevents Parasitic Infections

Cat grass can help eliminate parasites from the body of a cat. Give your pet cat grass as it wraps around the parasites in the body and helps stop it from the stool.

Removes Hairballs

Some cats with long hair are prone to hairballs. It can cause your pet to cough up hair since it ends up in its stomach. Since cat grass contains high fiber content, it is easy for cats to pass their hairballs. It prevents hairballs buildup in the body and promotes a healthy gut system.

Provides Nutrients

Cat grass is enriched with vitamins and minerals that are essential for the healthy growth of cats. It consists of vitamins A, B and D, and chlorophyll. Especially vitamin B3 and B12 help give your cat a shiny coat; it boosts the immune system and prevents anemia. The chlorophyll compound can help freshen your pet’s breath.

Stimulates Circulatory System

Your cat's overall health improvement should be your top priority. Cat grass is rich in folic acid and chlorophyll used to make hemoglobin molecules. An adequate amount of hemoglobin can improve the circulatory system and bring out your cat's playful side.

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