7 Ways Dogs Are Good For Your Health

  • 13/05/2021

For many people, pets are more than just pets. These animals are another family member — and as much as you have an impact on their lives, you can also gain benefits from them. People with dogs specifically can experience numerous health benefits.

Let’s look at how your dog improves your well-being.

1. Fewer Cardiovascular Issues

Every time you exercise with your dog, you improve your heart health. This fitness reduces systemic blood pressure, so you’re less likely to experience cardiovascular issues. If you’ve had heart attacks in the past, you probably won’t be at risk for additional problems in the future.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t ignore your cardiovascular health just because you have a dog. It’s still important to prioritize a healthy diet and regular exercise. This way, you can do the most to protect your well-being.

2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

If you have a dog, you also have an on-demand stress reliever. These furry friends provide comfort when you’re stressed or anxious. Essentially, whenever you’re overwhelmed about life, your dog will be ready to help calm you down.

That’s a win-win situation for you and your pet. When you pet your dog, your brain releases a hormone that soothes you — and your actions make your dog happy, as well. There’s a reason why individuals with diagnosed anxiety disorders use dogs as therapy pets.

3. Help Build a Routine

Most people benefit from a daily routine. With structure in your life, you can maintain a workout routine to help meet any fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. Additionally, individuals who have a consistent schedule tend to have better mental health.

Thanks to your dog, you can enjoy a daily routine. After all, you have to feed them, walk them and take care of them in general. These pets demand your attention, so you’re required to build structure in your life to ensure they stay healthy.

Essentially, dogs help you build meaning and purpose in your life. While dogs are very different from children, you experience a similar sense of responsibility when you own a pet. These furry friends give you someone to care about other than yourself.

4. Elevated Mood

What’s better than a dog to boost your mood? These animals don’t care about the world’s issues like humans do, so we can look to them to lift our spirits. Through their happy-go-lucky attitude, you can be in a better mood.

Additionally, dogs have the power to reduce symptoms related to depression. Even just playtime with a dog can elevate the dopamine levels in your brain. If you’re diagnosed with depression, you might want to talk to your doctor about whether a dog would be helpful. These animals don’t cure mental concerns, but they certainly come with benefits.

5. Better Social Awareness

Do you sometimes struggle to make new friends? If you have a dog, you may be able to break out of your shell. When you’re out for a walk, you count on strangers to say hello to you and your pup. These animals are social magnets.

It turns out that a lack of social interaction can have the same effects on the body as a smoking habit. If you want to improve your physical and mental well-being, you should strive to build connections with others. With your dog by your side, you should be able to just that.

6. Decreased Risk of Allergies

People who grow up around dogs and other animals might have a lower risk of allergies. That’s because pets bring various allergens indoors. If you encounter specific triggers at a certain age, your body will learn to adjust to them over time.

Babies raised in households with pets may also be less likely to develop asthma as they grow older. If you have children, your dog will basically help your kids become healthier. That’s not to mention how much more active your kids will be because of the family pet.

7. Stronger Bones and Joints

Those with large dogs have to control 50 or more pounds whenever they’re out for a walk or run. As a result, you can strengthen your bones and joints. This exercise is a wonderful way to keep your body strong without too much effort.

While you should still do other workouts to maintain your physical fitness, you can benefit when you head out with your dog. Many older individuals who have dogs stay in shape because their pet acts as a sort of weight when they’re walking and running. Even a smaller dog helps.

Animals Keep Us Strong Mentally and Physically

There are endless reasons to love animals. These caring and intelligent creatures can help you lead a healthier life. From reducing stress to strengthening bones, your dog has the ability to improve your well-being in both a physical and mental sense.

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