6 Tips For Making Your Backyard More Dog-Friendly

  • 25/08/2017

Dogs are outdoor creatures, they’re not meant to be kept in the house. They need to be outside, running around as freely as possible, sniffing, digging, just being themselves. And you’ve got a backyard, only it’s not as dog-friendly as it could be. But you want to give them as much freedom as possible, though on the other hand, you can’t just let them wreak havoc on your favourite roses or your perfectly maintained lawn. Believe or not you can protect your perfect backyard and still make your pooch happy. Read these 6 tips and find out how.

1. Draw a Line

In order to avoid any trampling either in your vegetable garden or the flowery part of it, some boundaries must be set. If you want your pets to know that your plants are not to be played with, then you might consider planting them on raised beds. Some other suggestions are encircling that part of the backyard with rocks or drift wood, or even raising a small fence. You could also plant some sharp bushes as sort of a natural boundary which should keep your pet(s) at arm’s length. And to keep them from digging their way out into the street, it’s best to build an underground barrier of either poured concrete or chicken wire.

2. Plant Carefully

As you already know, pets like to nibble certain plants from time to time, but plants like Lilies, Tulips, Parsley, Mums, or any other thorny type of flower is not a good idea, as they can be quite poisonous. Canna or Artemisia are safe to plant. Mushrooms are also out of the question, as are weeds. If you notice them growing in your backyard, you should pluck them out pronto. The best thing would be to consult a veterinarian or someone who’s an expert on toxic and non-toxic plants to see which ones are safe to grow.

3. Set up Dog Paths

Dogs really like exploring their habitat and they tend to get all territorial and guard-like when it comes to their turf. You’ve probably noticed by now that they’ve created their own route to go through the backyard. So, you shouldn’t try to redirect them, but make it official instead and build them a proper trail. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a simple pathway couple of feet long. Then they’ll always be treading down that same path. Just make sure the material you use is paw-friendly. Anything from smooth rocks, flagstone, wood or concrete will do nicely.

4. Set up a Play Area

There’s nothing more dogs like than when they can run around the yard, playing fetch with either you or your kids. Now, if you have a cluttered yard, this won’t be possible. Luckily, there are Supercheap Self Storage solutions that can help you free up some of that space and make room for playing. And, besides running, they also love digging. So, in order to prevent any potential damage to your garden, designate a sandy part with some doggy toys where they can dig away freely.

5. The Pooch Retreat

After all that chasing and digging, they’ll need a place to have a nap and hide from the sun if it gets too hot. You need to bear in mind that they can get overheated quite easily and even suffer a heat stroke, so they’ll definitely need some shade. A nice big tree with a thick shade can be the perfect chill out zone for them. And if the tree’s not an option you can always stretch some clots over an area of your choosing and create some shade like that. Of course, the best way they can escape a hot summer day is by retreating into their kennel.

6. Water Access

You do not want to be thinking all the time whether your furry friend has enough of fresh water or not, particularly during summer when they need it more than ever. That’s why it’s a good idea to install some kind of faucet in the backyard. You can even build a low water fountain where the dog can help itself whenever it’s thirsty. One thing to be careful about here is stagnant water, which you definitely want to avoid. It’s a haven for all sorts of plants to grow and it attracts all kinds of annoying insects.

The dog needs to have space to run, dig, and do its business but not at the cost of your beautiful flowers or home grown veggies. Therefore, divide your backyard accordingly. If you plan correctly and do it right, then both you and your beloved four-pawed friend will get to enjoy a patch of greenery.

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