5 Warning Signs Of Cancer In Dogs

  • 03/09/2017

Most people simply can't believe when their vet tells them that their furry friend has cancer. They can't believe they failed to notice such a big thing. The truth is, it is notoriously difficult to detect cancer in dogs, especially at early stages, but that's exactly why you should visit your veterinarian regularly.

The common myth is that cancer can be detected on blood work, but that’s simply not the case. There are many warning signs that your dog has cancer, so pay close attention to your trusty friend’s health and behaviour.


Coughing does not automatically means that your dog has cancer, so don’t start worrying yet. Most dogs cough from time to time, especially when they try to swallow something too big or too dry. Some other dogs develop a cough because they have windpipe problems (this is incredibly common in small breed dogs).

In short, if your dog is occasionally coughing that's not an issue at all, and it’s perfectly normal. However, if your dog is always coughing, then you need to consider the possibility that your furball has lung cancer.


Dogs are weird, they do strange things, and sometimes they even smell like something that came from Hell for no good reason. That’s fine; we’re all used to it. But, if your dog starts smelling at all times, even after you gave it a good bath, then it might have cancer.

Weight loss

You might think that your dog is losing weight naturally because you’ve started regularly walking with it or because you’ve incorporated healthy dog food into its diet. While this is usually the case, rapid weight loss is something that is not exactly normal.

If you notice that your dog is losing weight faster than normal, don’t wait a second. Take him to the vet and try to find why your dog is starting to get skinny. In most cases, a parasite will be the answer, but cancer is always a possibility. In both cases, you need to get your family’s friend treated.

Loss of appetite

We all know that dogs can get picky as they get older. They simply won’t eat everything anymore. If you notice that your dog is not eating as before, try incorporating some quality foods like Royal Canin dog food into its diet. If your dog starts eating as before again, you’re good.

However, if the problem doesn’t go away visiting the vet might be your only option. Sometimes a lump in the intestines can make your dog feel uncomfortable while eating and that’s why it will avoid touching food at all.

Reluctance to exercise

If your dog is not old, and you know for certain that it's not lazy, hurry and get it to the vet. Dogs simply don't get lazy at once. Your dog might have a tumour near its heart or lungs that makes a big pressure and makes its life a living hell.

Treat your dog like you would treat any member of your family. Show some love and care to it, feed it with great foods and keep it healthy. Dogs live short lives, so do whatever you can to prolong your furry, sometimes even smelly, friend’s life.

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