5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe From Vaping

  • 24/08/2020
vaping-pets.jpgVaping has created quite a buzz these days as people of all ages are using tiny e-cigarettes or vaporizers for medicinal and recreational reasons alike. Such is the affluence of vaping that it’s emerging as a holistic lifestyle choice for smokers and medical users. While vaping is an effective and popular solution for many, it can be unsuitable for kids as well as pets around you.

Are you a vaping enthusiast? Are you worried whether the vapor can affect your furry friend? If so, keep reading to find out everything about vaping around pets and how you can keep them safe.

Is it Safe to Vape Around Pets?

Whether you are a vaping expert or even beginning to experiment, you might have noticed that the label of vape juice states ‘keep away from children and pets.’ The nicotine and flavors present in vape juice or e-juice may be harmful to your pet but only if they consume it. However, when it comes to vaping close to your pets, it might not be as risky as you believe it to be. So, you can rest assured, yet it’s always better to be cautious. Read on to find out some easy tips to keep your pet safe and you can get dab pens for sale here.

 What Safety Tips Should You Follow When Vaping Around Your Pet?

Having a pet can significantly impact the life you lead. You might have to make some compromises or adjustments, but vaping doesn’t have to be one.

Here are some ingenious tips to keep your pet safe when vaping

1.       Opt for Non-Nicotine Vape Juice

While nicotine may give you a good hit with each puff that you take, it might not be an ally to your pet. If your furry friend consumes nicotine or comes in contact with it, it may prove fatal for them. You can opt for a non-nicotine based vape juice to ensure they stay safe. There are ample flavors available in non-nicotine vape juice, so you don’t have to compromise your experience. Both you and your pet cat or dog will also be healthier. 

Some people also prefer vaping cannabis and the cannabinoid CBD present in the plant to enjoy their innumerable benefits. If you want to use CBD for medicinal reasons, you can ditch vaping and try Peng CBD UK as well.

2.       Prefer Vaping Outside or in a Room with Ventilation

Do you prefer smoking in your bedroom with the windows shut? Well, you might want to change that to keep your pet safe. There is not much evidence available on how second-hand smoke from a vaporizer can affect animals, but many people believe that it can cause trouble in pets with respiratory sensitivity.

Here, you can prefer to vape in the open to minimize the risk of nicotine poisoning or respiratory troubles in your pet. You can even schedule your vaping session with your pet’s walk routine. If you don’t feel comfortable vaping outside, always make sure that the room has adequate ventilation and never blow the smoke directly at your pet.

3.       Opt for Pre-Filled Cartridges

One situation where your pet gets exposed to nicotine in vape juice is through the extra spillage while filling the tank. You can try to be careful while refilling your vape tank or cartridge to avoid this. If not, you may want to switch to pre-filled cartridges. With a pre-filled one, you have to open the cartridge and put it inside your vaporizer, and then you are good to go.  

4.       Keep your Vape and Vape Juice Out of Their Reach

It goes without saying, but you have to be extra careful with storing your vaporizer and vape juice if you have a pet around. You must treat all your vaping equipment as you treat medications, and keep them out of reach. Store the vaporizer and juice in a locked cabinet or container at a height, where your cat or dog can’t reach it.  Also, make sure you charge the vaporizer in a safe and closed-off environment to keep your furry friend safe from the heat or chemicals.

5.       Understand the Signs of Nicotine Poisoning and Act Quick

Some pets can be mischievous and put themselves at risk, even though you have taken all the precautions. In such a circumstance, it is wise for you to learn the signs of nicotine poisoning on cats and dogs. Nicotine poisoning may induce vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, lethargy, odd behavior, and even seizures in your furry friend. If you notice any such signs, call for help or take your pet to the doctor for immediate assistance.

Final Thoughts

Vaping has transformed the lives of many people around the globe. While some are making a lifestyle switch from tobacco cigarettes, others are utilizing it with cannabis or CBD for medicinal reasons. No matter what you decide to use, vaping may affect your pets. You can follow the easy tips mentioned above while vaping around pets to keep them safe and healthy.

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