5 Houseplants That Are Safe For Pets

  • 21/11/2018

Some people don’t realise this when they bring pets into their home, but there’s some pretty everyday stuff that has no effect on us but can be very dangerous for cats and dogs.

And this includes certain plants. There’s a lot of benefits to having plants decorating your home, but if you have a cat or a dog you need to be careful about which plants you choose.

Here are five houseplants that will be completely safe for your pets.

1.    Boston Fern

If you are looking for non-toxic houseplants, a Boston fern is probably something that a lot of people will recommend to you.

They are one of the best indoor plants out there because they actually thrive in a more humid environment and with indirect light.

They are completely safe for pets too and there is virtually no negative effects to having one of these in your home.

2.    Venus Fly Trap

To suggest that a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap is safe for animals seems a bit ridiculous, but this one is only dangerous for insects.

So that’s actually kind of a good thing. You can use this to keep pests in your house under control while also having a very interesting, safe plant on display.

They’re not that difficult to take care of either. Well-worth investing in one of these.

3.    Bamboo Palm

When we talk about plants that are potentially dangerous for animals, it’s usually their effect on the air that we’re discussing.

And Bamboo isn’t going to poison the air, but your pets could probably eat this plant and still be fine. That’s not to say you should feed it to them, but it’s just one of the safest plants out there.

They are so easy to take care of too. You just need to water them a couple of times a week and you’re good to go.

4.    Money Tree

Despite the name, money doesn’t actually grow on this tree, but also despite its name, it’s not expensive to buy or to take care of.

Money trees are popular because they are a fantastic detoxifier. Not only will it be safe for your pets, but it will actually make the air cleaner for them too.

It will cut down on toxins such as formaldehyde in the air making it great for people with lung issues such as chronic bronchitis or asthma.

It will also help prevent these issues in both humans and animals.

5.    Swedish Ivy

Doesn’t look much ivy this one, and that’s probably because isn’t. I have no idea how it got that name but it doesn’t matter, it’s an attractive hanging plant that’s easy to take care of.

I wouldn’t describe this as a detoxifying plant, but it’s also not harmful to the air in the slightest. And you only need to water it once a week.

You won’t need to worry about your pets at all. Although they may get jealous when you start paying more attention to this plant than them on account of how much easier it is to take care of.


We should be able to enjoy both plants and pets in our homes, and it’s not that hard to achieve this if you know which plants to look for. There are plenty of safe ones out there. 

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