5 Effective Tips On How To Train Your Dog

  • 25/03/2019

Dog training is the essential prerequisite for a loving lifelong relationship between you and your canine companion. While selfless love and affection should be the foundation of your friendship, it’s also important to understand the role of behavioural training in the matter, and how it can help you eliminate common problems.

Aside from the most basic commands you need to teach your puppy, you should also learn how to effectively train your dog to understand and obey you. Here are the five tips to achieve this, and much more.

It all begins with a treat

One of the most powerful training tools you have in your arsenal is the treat. Dogs are notoriously voracious, and they will do and learn anything in the prospect of getting a tasty treat in their belly. With that in mind, start by repeating the basic commands while using the treat to get them in the desired position – such as a sitting position. Once they have sat down, give them the treat along with plenty of praise. Rinse, and repeat.

The role of the alpha figure

Giving out treats like candy without establishing a dominant role in their life puts control in the paws of your furry compadre. Always remember, your dog will try to assert their dominance in this relationship if they see an opening – after all, it’s only natural.

Instead of letting this happen, act preemptively and assert your dominance first. Show them that you are the alpha of the pack and that your work is sacred. Use a strict tone when they misbehave and set boundaries and limitations. That said, refrain from hitting your dog, as this can endanger your long-term relationship.

Foster independence with off-leash training

If you want to enjoy your life with your pet, you need to be able to let them off the leash. This is very difficult for some owners, as they simply don’t know how their dog might behave. You can foster independence with off-leash training using an ET-300 educator collar that can send out a tone signal or a light tapping sensation, indicating to your dog that they are doing something wrong. This is an excellent way to train your dog how to behave when off-leash and even teach them next-level commands.

Combining spoken and physical commands

Your dog reacts to your body language. Be cheerful when giving praise. Be stern and brooding when they have done something they shouldn’t have, and always combine your spoken commands with physical gestures. This way, you can quickly teach them non-verbal commands as well!

Consistency and a lot of patience

Patience is the keyword you’re looking for here. Don’t get discouraged if your pup is having trouble, but rather remain consistent with your training and the results will surely come.


Every dog is smart enough to learn proper behaviour. Use these five effective tips to teach your dog anything in a matter of hours!

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