4 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You” (Including Yawning)

  • 23/03/2021
loving-dog.jpgThough our furry friends cannot put it into words how much they love us but they surely know of a million ways to show and make us feel it whenever we are near them. From their calm body language to their excited state of affection, your furry companion is always surprisingly filling your life with abundance of love. Pooches can tell you how much you mean to them by their actions, they put into action their whole body to communicate their love to you.

Pooches are known to be our best friends, we become each other’s companion for life and this is why it becomes important for us to create a bond of love and support with our furry friends. This can be easily attained by spending time with them in the park playing throw and fetch or taking them out for a walk or by training them at your house. It is also important for dog parents to understand what their pooch is trying to convey through their actions as it is important for both to be able to understand each other making their lives easy, happy and healthy.

Communication is vital for all living beings and when it comes to dogs it has been proven scientifically that pooches can read human beings facial expressions, so in a similar way we can also interpret what our fluff is conveying by their bodily expression. Everyone including those cat lovers know how humans and dogs share a loving bond, dogs are not only adorable but also intelligent and a tiny bit of curious fur balls. They fit in so perfectly that they become a member of the family and get affection similar to what is given to a new born human baby.

But it can be difficult at times to decipher what your pooch is conveying as they are almost always excited whenever near family. How to know whether your pooch loves you or not? Is the excitement positive or negative? These are the most frequently asked questions by majority of dog parents, so here’s an answer for all the curious dog parents. It is important for dog parents to understand that their pooches love them unconditionally and even show it in slightly weirder forms.

Anybody who has been a dog parent or is currently one or is thinking of becoming one knows how every dog has personalities which are unique to them and they develop feelings in the same way as human beings and other mammals does. It is normal to not understand a few signs of affection your pooch is displaying but it is always good to be an observer of their behaviour in your presence so that you develop a better understanding of how they communicate to you. 

Knowing Your Fluffs Body Language

It is said that happiness is a positive emotion which can be recognized easily in a dog and it is one of the majorly shown emotions by a pooch. Under this section are mentioned 10 bodily actions that your pooch exhibits to show how much you mean to them. So here’s the best way to decode your fluff's actions and this will definitely enhance the special and unique bond both of you share.

1.      Making Eye Contact

Pooches who love their dog parents often tend to make eye contact with them, this is a strong evidence of how deeply they love you. This state is long and sweet and belongs to a kind which won’t make you feel uncomfortable. The long continued stare is always reserved for humans they love and adore. Maintaining that long stare is supposedly useful for dog parents who are looking forward to training their pooch. This eye contact is supposedly good for developing and deepening the mutual bond between both.

It is studied that dogs' bodies release oxytocin (a bonding or love hormone) when they make eye contact with their hooman, this hormone is the one which is also released from a mothers body when she is in contact with her new born baby. Release of this hormone marks the beginning of an exclusive bond between mother and her child and also between dog parents and their fluff. Our furry friends often yearn for a loving gaze from their hooman and this is the reason as to why breeders while training puppies look in their eyes. This helps pooches learn the technique more effectively. 

2.      Leaning Or Tilting Against You

Nobody loves leaning on to somebody they do not love or adore, this is similar as to how eye contact is made between people who have an inclination towards one another. Dogs tend to lean on to their dog parent for affection and petting. This is another gesture they do to have your attention. This leaning on act is so magical because it makes you realise how attached they are to you and that their day begins and ends completely in loving you. If your furry companion always leans up against you then this is affirmative that they are in total awe of you and are comfortable in your presence.

They simply lean on their hooman to be near to them, this happens as they are social animals and love the physical touch of humans. Dogs smile or learn to smile when they are living the best life with their hooman. Yes, you heard it right! Our furry friends can smile too or they learn to do that and if you are lucky enough you will catch them doing so while you are cuddling with them, rubbing their backs and bellies or playing with them in the park. They smile only at people they adore and appreciate.

3.      Falling Asleep In Your Bedroom

Pooches love to be in their hooman’s company, this is so because they are in love with their dog parent and yearn to even sleep near them. Some of the pooches are so adamant when it comes to sleeping near their hooman that they are willing to sleep on the floor of the bedroom if not in the bed. This trait is shown by pooches who are extremely loyal to their dog parents. It will be a nice thing to do if you buy your pooch a dog bed and allow them to sleep on it whenever in your room. Some dog parents even prefer letting their furry companion sleep on their bed which is totally fine if proper hygiene is being maintained.

By sleeping in your very room they make sure that you are safe and this marks their protective nature towards you. They can also show their affection by walking you to your room or following you around sometimes, this is done just to ensure you are safe and nearby.

They are inclined naturally to seek your physical contact and they generally seek it from people they love. It is easy to figure out when your pooch is asking for your touch, you must have noticed that sometimes your pooch just rolls down on their spines in front of you and demands a belly rub.

While you rub the belly they usually grin (sort of a smile) back at you. They do this in front of people who are family to them and in presence of whom they feel safe and secure.

4.      Happy To See You Back From Work

Most of the pooches get excited as soon as they see their hooman return home. This excitement is visible as they wag their tails, jump around and run back and forth towards the door. Most of the time they even tend to lick their hoomans face and rest of the body. This sign is quite beautiful as it makes dog parents feel extra special.

Dogs can recognise their hoomans scent even from a very far distance and this is the reason most of you must have noticed they start barking out of joy when you are coming back home. They get so attached to your scent that they love playing with your personal stuff like shoes, clothes piled up in your laundry bag, socks etc. This might come out as a bad behaviour sometimes if they have a habit to chew but this chewing can be prevented by giving them enough soft toys to play with and chewy treats to feed on.

There is a sweet message hidden here which is they love you unconditionally and that they miss you in your absence. They show their love for you by sharing their favourite toys with you, this can also indicate that they are interested in playing alongside you and want to spend the rest of the day entertaining you.

Wanting to play can be a major display of affection towards you. Dogs are very particular about their belongings and they don’t like sharing their precious possession, so if they are willingly sharing their stuff with you then it means you have made a place in his heart.

Have you heard of pooches peeing a little when they see their hooman after almost half the day has passed, this does not mean that they lack some kind of training but it's just their excitement that makes them pee a little. Excitement is equal to their fondness for you.


By witnessing such similar signs you can easily ensure that you both share a loving relationship and are moving towards a healthy and happy life altogether keeping in focus each other’s requirements.

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