3 Tips For Grooming Small Dogs

  • 25/03/2019

There’s always a temptation to shift the taxing responsibility of grooming your dog to someone who does it for a living, but professional grooming is pretty expensive.

It’s better to do it yourself but not just for that reason. Your dog will be more comfortable if it’s you who’s taking care of them.

You also have complete control over the end result if you do it yourself at home. You might also think that it’s easier to groom a smaller dog, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Small dogs have their own grooming requirements and specifics that you need to pay attention to. Here are 3 tips for grooming small dogs:

1.    Teach Cues

Smaller dog breeds tend to have an abundance of energy. The bigger the dog, the more weight they carry and the more prone they are to wear and tear and joint issues.

So while large dogs can definitely be very energetic, it’s a problem more commonly faced with small breeds.

And this usually means that they’ll be fidgety and reluctant to stay still while you’re trying to groom them.

This can slow down the cleaning process and also make it dangerous for the dog. You should use this as an opportunity to teach some cues.

Dogs are eager to learn, it will almost feel like a game for them. Train them to stay still and you can also try and use treats to teach your dog that grooming is a positive experience for them.

2.    Use Tiny Tools

You need to be very careful when grooming a dog. Especially when you’re trimming the hair around their eyes or clipping their nails.

You can’t explain the danger of these sharp instruments to them in the same way you can for humans and a wrong move could cause some damage.

Most of the grooming tools out there are not size-specific, but you should do your research and find smaller tools for a smaller dog.

It minimizes the risk, and it’s less intimidating for them. Dogviously has a list of reviews that goes in-depth on the best ones for each size so check that out for some recommendations.

3.    Get a Grooming Table

You’ve seen them in grooming salons before. It’s a table specifically designed for a dog to sit on while being groomed.

Most of them will have a strap that you can use to keep the dog from moving too much as well as a basket underneath where you can store tools and other equipment.

Grooming a small dog can be a bit of a pain without one of these. You’ll either be crouching down and trying to tend to your dog on the ground or letting them sit on a higher surface.

There’s probably not too many surfaces in your house that you want your dog sitting on so instead, why not just do some research and invest in a reliable grooming table of your own.




Every decision you make here should focus on ensuring that your dog is safe and comfortable. If you follow these steps, you should be good to go.

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