3 Things to Must Add in Your Dog Training List

  • 06/08/2019

We love our fluffy balls of happiness! All our tiredness of the hectic day washes away the moment we enter our home and our beloved canine buddy welcomes us with a wagging tail, sweet pecks and by jumping into our arms. But while getting all lovey-dovey with dogs, most people forget to focus on their training. No, training is not all about making them bring a ball when you throw it away or teaching them to jump when you say so. A dog’s training is a lot more than teaching them cute dog antics to show them to your friends or guests.

You must focus on their training along with sharing some fun moments if you don’t want to face annoying situations later. Here are given some important things to teach your puppy to ensure things are always bliss and glee between you and your pup:

Train them to Follow Commands:

Come, sit, jump, wait, down, go…these are some basic commands that everyone tries to teach their dogs to get a bit showy. But in the long run, these commands do much more than some display of your dog’s obedience. Do train your dog to follow your commands and start with the mentioned simple commands. It inculcates in them the habit of listening to your instructions and commands in any situation. Make sure to teach them that your command is essential than anything in this world or whatever they are doing.

Bathroom Business:

House training is one of the most difficult things, but it is also one of the essential training that you should start earlier. Dogs are the slaves of their habits. But they don’t develop good habits on their own. You have to inculcate good habits in them.

Among all the house training, doing bathroom business on the right spot is the most significant one. Obviously, you can’t afford to see your new rug getting strained or live with the awful smell. Set a routine, take your dog outside every day, same time for the bathroom business. It will develop the habit in them to do the business, not in the home. You can also use Puppy Training Pads to train them to eliminate at a particular spot instead of doing it anywhere, everywhere.

Socialize Them:

You might have seen some dogs who start barking when they step out of the house, see another dog or go in crowded places. That’s because their owners have not socialized them from the beginning. They are not trained to control their excitement, anxiety, and panic, which they feel after encountering another dog or crowd. You should socialize them with the outer world so that you can take them for a stroll without facing any leash problem.

Having a pup is such an exciting feeling because you know there is someone back at home waiting for you to return, someone always ready to give you soulful pecks and shower unconditional love. But keeping a dog is not easy! Train them properly to retain your excitement of having a dog!

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