15 Facts Why It's Good To Your Baby To Grow With A Dog

  • 22/11/2017

For a long time, dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend. In the same breath, we can also term dogs as child’s best friends. Not only do the two get along well but pets have a positive impact on the development of a child. Here are some facts that you need to know about the positive effects of buying puppies for kids.

1.      Fall ill less often

Dogs have many benefits for children. According to a study that was conducted by Kuopio University, Finland, it was noted that kids who were growing with a dog had fewer chances of suffering from respiratory conditions as compared to their counterparts who didn’t have pets. The reason for this could be a few germs that infants that have the best dogs for children get exposed to. The exposure to germs increases the ability of the child’s immune system to fight diseases.

2.      Companionship to kids

If you only have one kid and do not plan to add another one, get a dog for your child. Studies show that when a child gets a pet to give them companionship, they don’t feel lonely anymore. Companion breeds are best dogs for kids, they even consider a puppy as a sibling.

3.      Unconditional love

Unlike humans, pets offer non-conditional love. Pets are there to offer support, comfort and listen to the kid’s problems without being judgmental. A pet can also become a good game partner for your child.

4.      A dog will teach empathy to a child

When a child cares for a pet that depends much on them, this teaches them empathy. The youngster will understand when the dog is hungry, where he wants to relieve himself and even go outside.

5.      Responsibility and confidence

When children are tasked with caring for dogs, they learn to grow into more responsible adults. By the time toddlers are 3 years old, they are able to manage tasks like filing the dog’s food and water bowls. As they get older, they are able to walk and groom the pet.

6.      Pets help kids to socialize and improve verbal skills

You may already have come across babies who try to chatter their pets. This means that good pets offer emotional and social support. This is on top of cognitive language skill support to babies. The simple presence of a pet offers verbal stimulus that helps children to practice socializing and talking with people.

7.      More exercises

During this technological era, many kids hardly get out of the house as they play video games. However, the best dogs for children can help to overcome this challenge. This is due to the fact that many dogs are good companions for engaging in physical activities. Kids can take a walk or play a ball with their canine friends.

8.      Dog can help kids suffering from Autism

The study conducted at the University of Montreal confirmed, that dogs can help lower the stress hormones in kids suffering from autism or similar disorders. While this is an area where further studies are ongoing, it is clear that animal therapy benefits on infants suffering from this illness in a great way.

9.      Dogs offer protection

Dogs are particularly protective of children both at home and on the streets.

10.  Dogs are always on high spirit

Nowadays, cases of depression in kids are rising at an alarming rate. There are studies that suggest that owning a dog can help remedy the situation in children.

11.  Kids learn to love back unconditionally

Children with dogs learn to have unconditional love. They are able to learn this kind of love quicker as compared to adolescents who don’t have pets. It is only when toddlers learn this key aspect that they can apply it to other people.

12.  Dog raises confidence

If you are looking for a way to boost the confidence of your child, you should simply buy the dog, which would always be by your kiddie’s side.

13.  Improves social skills

There are studies that show that infants who are growing around dogs tend to be more sociable.

14.  Dogs are good for the heart

A study that was conducted by the American Heart Association found that owning a dog will help members of a family to minimize their risk of heart conditions. Active breeds are best pets for kids since they are will be walking and running together a lot.

15.  Dogs and kids are similar

There are studies that show that kids and pets have identical brains. This is why the two get along well.


Joshua Robinson is a professional teacher and a freelance writer. Currently, he combines a full-time teaching job at the public school in New York with an independent writing for https://essayvikings.com/. In his free time, Joshua’s enjoys travelling, volunteering, and photography. His plans for 2018 include publishing his first book and cooperate with The Free Will Foundation in social work.

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