10 Tips To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

  • 08/05/2018

Most modern dog owners live hectic lives. Having children and jobs to take care of, their dogs end up spending a lot of time at home alone.

"A lonely dog will always find a way to occupy themselves, this could be destructive to your clothes, furniture, and even potentially harmful to your dog" - Ritely

While leaving your dog alone is inevitable, this should not present a problem since there are many ways to keep him busy.

So how can you keep your dog busy while at work? Here are the top 10 ways to help you keep your dog engaged while you are at work.

1. Increase physical activity

If the reason why your dog is destructive is too much energy, the solution is to increase his level of physical activity. If your dog has too much energy and he is not getting enough exercise, it’s very likely that he will end up doing destructive things. The more exercise you give your dog, the less chance he’ll be destructive. However, you need to know that some dogs have more need for energy than others hence you need to know what’s right for your breed.

2. Consider a toy or puzzle

Although toys might seem like a no-brainer, not every toy is the same. Some toys will ensure that your dog remains busy for a long time. Also, puzzle toys containing will enable your pet to learn concentration and patience. You can also choose some unique toys that he can only play with when you are away. A good option here is durable rubber chew toys. Since many dogs enjoy floating bubbles, you can also try out this one.

3. Make a busy bucket

If you don’t want to give your dog an already made toy, then you can make a busy bucket. To do this, take an aluminium or plastic pail and put some treats at the bottom. After the treats, put a toy inside and fill the surrounding area with a towel. Layer and pack the pail with treats, toys, and towels. It’s no doubt that your dog will enjoy going through the layers to look for new sources of entertainment.

4. Leave your TV on

Although some people prefer to leave their TV on a random channel, if you think that your dog would love some visual stimulation then there is a channel made just for them. For instance, there is the Dog TV channel that provides 24-hour entertainment aimed at entertaining, stimulating, habituating, and relaxing dogs with shows that are filled with different objects, sounds and all kinds of movements. Leaving your radio on is also an excellent way to make sure that the pet feels occupied?

5. Provide a view

No, this does not mean moving to an island or changing an address but rather opening the blinds or curtains so that your dog can have a view anytime he likes. If your dog is small bodied, put a chair or cushion by the window so that it is easier for them to look out. Many dogs usually enjoy viewing the surrounding areas or even merely looking at the neighbours to know what’s going on. By opening the curtains, your dog may see birds flying around, cars driving and all the goings and coming in your neighbourhood. If you have a gate or solid fencing, then you may even consider having a peephole.

6. Arrange for a visitor

Having someone to stop by your residence while you are away could also be a good idea. This can be your neighbour, family member or even a dog sitter. Even if is just the postman delivering your mail, your pet will feel relieved after seeing a human being. You can keep on changing which day the visitor comes or even change who comes.

7. Arrange a playdate

You might find that your friend is also in the same dilemma when it comes to leaving their dogs alone. An excellent way to help both of you out is to organize a playdate. If you do this, your dogs will play ferociously at first and then calm down before lazing about for the rest of the day. When they start to feel bored, they will have their little friend to play with. By the end of the day, both dogs will feel very exhausted.

8. Invent a scavenger hunt

Before you leave the house for work, hide some small amounts of dog food around the house and create a scavenger hunt for them. This way, your dog will not hunt for food while you are away and won’t feel restless and bored. However, when leaving food don’t leave big amounts or leave them in places that you know your dog likes to spend time in. Also, make sure you put them in places where your dog will not be required to destroy whatever is in their path to be able to access them.

9. Consider getting a dog walker

Having a dog walker will not only provide your dog with an extra bathroom break but will also give them little extra exercise that will tire them out. While some dog walkers offer 30 minute walks others usually provide hour-long hikes for dogs that have a lot of energy. The most important thing to do is to find a trustworthy and reliable walker that both you and your pet can get along with.

10. Train your dog to do simple tasks

No one wants to feel bored, and your dog is no exception. If you don’t train your dog to do some simple jobs, then they will eventually get bored. Take note that bored dogs will always become destructive. Choose a task that can be suitable for them and then observe his habit to know what he loves. Make sure they are simple tasks that he can do even when you are away at work.

Final thoughts

As long as you can keep your dog busy while you are away, you will reduce barking, destructive behaviour, and anxiousness. It’s therefore up to you to provide these ways. To start with, experiment with a few things in the beginning and see what works best for your dog since each dog has their preferences. Also, make sure that your dog has enough water, food, toys to last the day, and a good exercise.

Author Bio:

Isabel Speckman is a North Carolina-based freelance writer and work-from-home mother of two. In her 10 years as a professional writer, she's worked in proposal management, grant writing, and content creation. Personally, she's passionate about teaching her family how to stay safe, secure and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency. https://ritely.com


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